My Sountrack for an official Trailer

I wanted to share my workflow with a Modular Rack (yes its in the video=), Hermod sequencing, an MPC live and Ableton to arrange my tracks to picture.
Since i‘m a professional Sounddesigner and have a synthi bug but being far away from a trained Musician, this was quite a task…

Basically when i compose it needs to go fast😃i became very bored with DAWs and uninspired. I realised things can go very fast with Hermod and a couple of Modules, so i jumped into it.

All drum sounds come off the MPC which is also my main midiclock. There‘s two distinctive synthlines in this, an Akemies castle Arpeggio and an Instruo CSL leadline that go throughout. Within 3 hours i had a drumpattern and said synths looping nicely away with a little break up of arpeggio down and some chance on the CSL-that was quick😳 to spice things up i recorded all elements into Ableton and began tracking plaits with some effect tracks, a robotvoice, a particle noise track and some treated rhythm track-all these tracks were simply tweaked live while recording-no sequencing or arrangement to picture. I then arranged everything in Ableton. This took some time , maybe 2 days in all but mostly due to checking possibillities and deciding on what was coolest. Everything is recorded @96khz from my case through an Apogee Duet. There is some reverb, stereospread and Eqing in Ableton-thats all…i forgot an absynth pad inside the box. The cords have been played through the MPCs chord function and i was cheating by checking the scales in Hermod😂
In my Job its very important that i can deliver whats demanded. We decided on Retro future Electro based at 120bpms…clients happy😃

Tl/dr crew, nevermind swissgerman and ETH (this is the top 7 ranked University for technical Environments in Zürich) here it is:

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Nice work! :+1: