My Portable Pyramid!

My Portable Pyramid! :slight_smile:

A few added extras… A Duracell PPS2 for portable power, Yamaha MDBT-01 for BlueTooth Midi, and I copied Olivier Ozoux by adding colourful Chroma Caps.

The Pyramid is awesome hooked up in the ‘Studio’ but maybe even cooler when mobile. I’ll have Pyramid controlling the iPhone in my pocket that has an AUM session with a bunch of synths and Ruismaker drums. Bose QC35 headphones for a completely wireless & mobile ‘commute jam’.


Just connected usb wire Pyramid with Android


That link doesn’t seem to work.

Do you mean you just connected your phone to the Pyramid?

That of course works too. Tried that, but prefer this. :slight_smile:

Just edited your link.

Cool stuff!

Your way is great if you have useful stuff on the phone screen too.

I just prefer to set up my instruments and then keep my phone safe in my pocket. :slight_smile:

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I wonder if one of these might be used as both power and transmitter/receiver. Looks sort of janky, but could be fun for mobile doodles away from the studio.

Anyone have any experience with this thing?