My MTPro Script for the Pyramid (Demo)

Okay, I think I can do this.
So I’ve been working on a script to control the Pyramid, but from more of a logical standpoint rather than a direct 1:1 relationship between controller buttons and Sequences or Track Muting. It involves tagging Pyramid Tracks into Groups or Layers and then those Groups & Layers are mapped to the keys, or buttons on a generic button box (I have both working concurrently - the button box is mostly for visual feedback of which Groups/Layers of Tracks are On/Off).

The idea is that my presentation on stage (if I ever get on a stage again) is simplified using a Prophet 12 as controller, with the visual feedback on the side, the Pyramid on the stand with the Prophet, and the rest of everything is desktop (OT & Minitaur) or rackmount (romplers, line mixer, plus rack trays with BomeBox, Thru, USB Hub, etc). (Where the desktop stuff can set on top of the rack case)

Oh, and the lights, but still working on a good box for MIDI to DMX translation. (Currently using DMXIS which requires a computer)

This is just a demo song I’ve been using to work on the script, but I’m getting to the tail end of development on the script and now trying to document everything. This is the basic end result of playing a song. There’s a lot more to the script and I’m working on a blog post to 'splain it.

Note this ‘song’ usually has vocals - it was originally a Soft Cell song, but I never do covers like the original. :slight_smile:

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BTW - Since this technique breaks down things into chunks of music data, any song can be improved and completely re-arranged on the fly.

This is great if your guitarist and vocalist drink heavily.

Apparently my video violated their TOS.