Muting Track Inputs Only

Hey there Squarpers,

Scouring the manual and the forum, it doesn’t seem like it is currently possible to mute incoming MIDI to tracks without muting the track sequencer information.

My situation is perhaps rather uncommon - I’m using an Osmose as a master controller for other non-MPE synths while also acting as a controller for itself with local control off, routing the keys back to itself through the HAPAX for capturing performances:


  1. Osmose USB Port 2 Out → MIDI Router → HAPAX MIDI In A → HAPAX Track 1 MPE Mode-> Osmose MIDI In

  2. Osmose DIN OUT (‘Classic Keyboard’ Ext. MIDI Mode) → HAPAX MIDI In B → HAPAX Track 2 Poly Mode → Analog Mono Synth MIDI In

With a regular controller as the master for HAPAX, I have grown accustomed to the ‘All Active’ track behavior which listens to MIDI only when a track is active, but now with essentially 2 MIDI controllers-in-one from the Osmose, I have to select either MIDI A or B as inputs, which causes the tracks to always listen even when not selected, causing both the Osmose track and the analog synth track to play in unison.

Are there any settings or solutions built into the HAPAX to get around this issue? If not, I’d love for the ‘All Tracks’ behavior to be available for Tracks when listening to a specific port.


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I love to have more input options as well. I think Squarp is already working on this, so I just wait and see what happens :slight_smile:

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