Mutes free run tracks relatch

Is it possible to have the tracks and sequences in relatch mode and the mutes in free run mode?

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Apologies in advance: this may be a lengthy response because: reasons.

tl;dr - first off, if I understand what you’re asking, there is no native way to do this but there are ways to achieve what you want

Terminology tho: A “sequence” in Pyramid-speak is actually more like a “scene” of Mute States of Track Data. So, “mute” in Pyramid-speak is whether the Track is “on” or “off”. Turning a Track: On makes it behave in it’s Mode (Relatch, Free, Trig).

Commonly with sequencers it’s always been my relationship to refer to a ‘sequence’ as a sequence of data, so that always tripped me up.

What I think you mean is to (perhaps) invoke a Pyramid SEQ, which sets the scene of Mute States, but you want a Relatched Track to start in sync when you select the SEQ, but not output MIDI Data. Pls correct if I’m wrong, or clarify - we’re all happy to help.

If that is what you mean, then I would interpret that closer to Pyramid functions as “when I Unmute via a SEQ, I want it to synchronise from here, but not necessarily do I want it to start playing/sending out MIDI data”.

If I’m correct in what you mean, there are two ways to achive this:

  • To synchronise Tracks, you can always use the Play Pad set to Restart, which will sync all your Tracks to “1” (Settings → Misc → Play Pad). Not quite what you’re asking to do, but in native Pyramid functions, I believe this is the most direct method.

  • If you’re tricky with Event Processors, you can also set Tracks with an extra Chance Effect. Set the Chance to 0%. Now, enabling that Effect will effectively ‘silence’ Note Data on that Track, but still allow it to be Unmuted via a SEQ. Note: Using PyraMIDI you can also Mute/Unmute Tracks without affecting the run states/synchronisation of other Tracks as you do using a SEQ.

I use the second technique and could explain it in way too much detail, but I’ll stop there and explain more if you’re interested. I think if you search here for Chance0% you might find some more info - sometimes might be referred to as a Chance0% hack or I refer to it as ‘Freelatch’ mode.

Also note that using the Freelatch/Chance0% thingie only stops Note data from voicing - any CC data will still be output.

Hope this helps.
If this response is too annoying, I’m sure someone else may have a better understanding.

thanks a lot for your answer
I can explain myself better sorry I don’t speak English well
I adjust the parameters of my tracks in relatch mode
It’s perfect with my sequences
now when I mute a track I would like it to react like the free run mode
when I mute that it does not restart at the start of the pattern
as in other sequencers ableton or my deluge, elektron …
I mute the track the sound cuts off then press again on my track and the sound resumes
like free run mode

Yes. I understand what you want to do.
Unmuting a Track will cause it to restart if it is in Relatch Mode.
It will be playing constantly if it is in Free Mode, and only sending data if it is Unmuted.
This is how the Pyramid operates.
You can review the Manual on Track Run Modes for a better description.

You can also set all your Tracks in Free Mode and when you want them to restart, use the Play/Restart button if you set it up that way in Settings.

I use a workaround of setting a Chance0% MIDI Effect on a Track that is set for Relatch Mode. Then when I “Unmute” it in Pyramid style, I can still stop it from sending Note Data by turning ON the Chance0% MIDI Effect.

Remember that the Pyramid is not Ableton, Deluge, or elektron so you may have to adjust your approach.
Good luck!

thank you for your responsiveness
I think I can do what I want I just saw in the midi implementation this
So control the mute (note on / off) with a midi controller

Note ON: mute / unmute track 6
Note 36 (C2) to 99 (D7 #) = toggle mute / unmute tr01A to tr16D

as I understand it (not sure). it is possible with midi I will test
thanks for the play / replay tip
I did this way in free run mode and synchronized with play / replay not easy to manage but it is a solution

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If you have the option to control the Pyramid with MIDI, I recommend that.
You can do exactly what you want that way.

I find with PyraMIDI I have much more flexibility than just with stock Pyramid.
I use CCnn where “nn” is the Track Number I want to Mute/Unmute. A value of 0 Mutes, a value 1 Unmutes, and value127 toggles.

Coupled with the Chance0% and Play/Restart feature, we have many options.

thank you !!! for confirmation
it will facilitate my workflow
I use a faderfox pc 12 midi controller
and I also have a midihub blokas
which allows you to do a lot of things in midi … effects … merge … filter …
I use it to send from an analog rytm a note with value that I transform into cc 69 towards the pyramid
which immediately triggers the sequences
it’s really very cool
and a multiclock e-rm which allows to stop the sequencer of the pyramid, change project (a song = 1 project) then restart while being synchronized with the sequencer of the analog rytm

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We are very similar.
I use a generic button box and a keyboad controller (as push buttons) and a BomeBox running custom scripts. :wink:


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