Mute/unmute drum parts via midi

It seems that only way to mute drum parts is within the pattern view of a drum track.

I’d love to be able to mute and unmute parts within a drum track from another midi device.

This would support, say, muting a kick drum while playing notes in the live view of another track.

Is this currently possible, or should I add this as a feature request?


(Im assuming you mean on the hapax - I’ve changed category based on that assumption :wink: )

no there, is no controlling of hapax, in the same was as we had with PyraMidi on the pyramid.
this was ‘removed’ for Hermod, I guess, Squarp felt few used it…

so yeah, send a feature request via thd contact form.

btw: take a look at pyraMidi and you can see how it was implemented.
though Id hope, they go for something a bit more elaborate, it was too limited for my liking.

Thanks for the quick feedback and tagging this in the right forum @thetechnobear.

I’ll open up a feature request :grin:


I submitted a feature request and heard back from Squarp that this is already in the roadmap. :star_struck:


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