Mute drum parts

Hi, is there a way to mute individual parts of a recorded drum pattern?

You should record all parts to different tracks. This helps. There is no “beautiful” way of doing what you are asking. But nonetheless…

In STEP - POLY EDITING (REC OFF) you can go thru your notes (drum parts) by just pressing STEP. Find the part you want to edit.

  • Hold REC to select all the corresponding notes. Turn velocity to 0. This will mute your individual part.
  • Or press 2nd + pad to mute the note. Tip: Change the zoom level to squeeze everything to a few pads, then you can mute/unmute fast.

I would recommend you to use zoom level to fit everything to one page. Press copy to copy the whole page. Create a new track with the same length and zoom. And press paste. Go back and remove the notes. Do this for all the drum parts and you will be left with all the drum parts on separate tracks. This is the way to go. Simplifies setup by a lot. So if you want to create a different pattern for one drum part, you dont need to have all the other parts in that pattern.

PS. What I would want from the Pyramid is a drum mode for tracks, as explained here: . This would remedy this situation and make the workflow with drum-machines a lot faster.

Hope this helps :wink:


In pattern mode, can we access the individual pattern parts for muting in real time? I have forgotten…

I usually just create separate tracks for each part, and I hate how many tracks this uses up. It would be sick (read that as awesome) if we could open a pattern and mute and un mute the various parts within it.

Another experiment for today! Thanks.

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Thanks I thought I was missing something! But yes all the drum parts on separate tracks - I’ll give that a go,

It’s only possible to have one pattern play at a time within a single track.
So it’s not possible to run multiple patterns and play (mute / unmute) them within a track.

I’ve been looking into this approach also, so I could have different variations / layers on the same track (channel).
Not only interesting for drum parts, but also for keys (polysnths: having a bass note / different chord notes or melodic phrases into different tracks on the same MIDI channel of the polysynth is really nice).

Now this is only possible by recording / playing multiple tracks that have the same MIDI channel destination.

If your beats come from something like an MPC or any other beat making device that supports ‘PAD MUTE’ or something like that, you can do pad muting stuff directly on the device of course.

Yesterday evening I had lots of fun doing it that way, while at the same time also being able to use the REPEAT function in LIVE MODE. Instant jamming goodness!

If I understood good, well:
yes, if you want to do that, you have to literally fire one of your precious 32 sequences just to change one pattern-track of the same track.
The only way is indeed to create one new track just for the variation you need, half way the sequence, let’s say.
You may know already. SO, for now the way I found seems the old way all squarpers used before the arrive of the pattern track mode: programming an other track that uses the same channel of the one you want to make pattern change.
this way you can press with two fingers contemporary, e.g. track 1&2, so you gonna mute & unmute the two parts and pratically changing pattern on the fly. This will cost you, a part one track, also a big change in your workflow.
It’s annoying.
The other way is to make it manually inside the stepmode by stretching the number of bars to what is necessary and so, copying then the pattern you have created ( on the other track or with the pattern-track variation) to the current track, but obviously you are not gonna mute anything. It will run alone and change pattern alone cause it just read what is there.
Well, it is a variation of your pattern also.

For me this is quite a problem related to my musical wishes as I like to compose very long sequences cut by short pattern’s group too ( very short, like just one bar) for then let the sequencer run on an other long sequence. Sort of “broken progressive”… but this cost me this precious sequence that I would really no burn just for a 4 seconds brake.
I just have to.

Pad mute - there’s your answer. But pad mute over CC dropped in separate tracks.

Dunno what you are using for your drums but many modules, samplers, drum machines are likely to have a per voice volume control. If they do there is likely to be a CC for it. Or maybe there will be a a way of assigning a CC number to voice volume?

So assuming you can sacrifice a handful of the 64 tracks you have available could you not put volume CC messages in a handful of those with a volume kill cc at the start of the track and then a volume back up CC at the end? like, right at the very end. Obviously they are TXing MIDI on the same channels as your drums, just not notes. And the track lengths would have to be the same length as your drum tracks so the volume doesn’t ping back up halfway through your phrase.

So you can jam with your drum tracks containing the full kit in notes, switch between them and then just punch in one or more of your mute tracks to kill the volume?


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Actually what the fk am I talking about. The mute tracks wouldn’t need to be as long as the drum tracks. In fact it would be stupid if they were becuse you couldn’t drop a drum out of a track for say 2 beats. They would mute (effectively) as long as they are active for… As soon as you mute the track, your drum is gonna reappear. Ie they can be any length, as long as they are looping.

God I hope this works for u. I just had to stop washing up to post this! Damn.

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I like this idea of having other tracks referring to the first track, that you can mute. Sounds useful. The said device, let’s say my MachineDrum, has individual CC’s for volume on each track. Just make sure the Pyr track CC mutes refer to those and you’re golden.

pity the link you shared is not visible anymore… but what’s the problem here? :confused:

Wow, this is getting pretty convoluted. In love programming full beats in step mode and hate thatnId need separate tracks…but really only taking out a few instruments. Is what it is though.

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You don’t have to programme your beats in separate tracks. There are no rules. Do it your way, make tracks however gets you a pleasing result and change shit up when you are ready. You can always programme with everything in one track if that’s what you are comfortable with and copy paste the individual hits to separate tracks at a later date. If you decide you need to.

It’s not ideal, but you can set up separate tracks that just send CC to control automation only. These are separate tracks to the ones containing the notes that are triggering your sounds.

So you have notes in your programmed drum track (as per your current set up) but CCs in another that will mute say, you kick drum whilst the mute track is active and then unmute the kick when the track is inactive.

But this “mute over CC” workaround will only work if whatever you play your drums from has per voice or per sample volume control with either it’s own CC number or the ability to assign a CC number to a parameter. So look in your midi implementation chart for whatever module you use and see if the kick drum has a volume CC number of its own.

If they do, you could probably even assign CCs to the assignable performance knobs and use them to bring hits in and out of the mix whist you trigger tracks from the pads.

Have to ask, what do you play your drums off?