Multitracking software instruments in Logic troubles(Solved)

Editing this with my successful working out of the convoluted Logic midi situation, so that future confused folks like myself can spare themselves the headache.

The kind gentleman who helped me get almost there suggested I route the Physical Input (with the Pyramid) mentioned below to a Channel Splitter and then those individual midi channels to the corresponding track (all done in Midi Environment found in the Window tab). What I actually needed to do was route the the Pyramid from the Physical Input to the Sequencer Input, also found in the NEW tab in Midi Environment.

Now all works as it should. The midi records all to one of the tracks, but separates to the correct track after you stop recording. (My midi is snapping to grid which I can’t seem to fix, but until I figure that out, I can just nudge it all after the fact)

(previous dilemma, now solved):

I figured out how to multitrack (monitoring at least) my synths in Logic from a kind Facebook user.

I had to go into Environments and create a Physical Input, Route my Pyramid from there to a Channel Splitter that I created, and then drag the correct midi channel in the splitter to the correct software instrument.
This allows me to play all three software instruments from the Pyramid with no problems.

Now, though, no midi data is being recorded. No midi region is created and automatically populated with midi notes. Also, Logic is showing no incoming midi in the transport window, though I can hear it, see it in the faders, and see the dots move around the keys in the piano roll. Somehow by creating a physical input, and the channel splitter caused me to lose the ability to actually record the midi in logic…Any clues to why this might be happening?

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