Multitrack usb input help

I just got the pyramid so forgive me if im missing something simple, i currently have the pyramid connected via usb to the iconnect audio4+ which is connected to the moog grandmother via usb and microkorg via the din port of the iconnect. My internal routing via the iconnect is correct as i am receiving midi to and from both devices via their dedicated channels. But what i want to do is use multitrack so that i can play each synth, have it record the midi, and send it back to the same device. For some reason when i change to the multitrack setting it doesnt record anything, yet if multitrack is off, it works as expected. Does multitrack only work with the physical midi ports? Or am i missing something?

usb input has worked for me in the past and the track output is whatever the track is set to.

omni mode= multitrack bank A

should be all you need.

also be very careful you are not creating duplicate midi message routes or some kind of feedback loop.
so initially I would send ALL message via the pyramid, and not directly to the synths

Thats what i figured and tried but for some reason wasnt able to get it to work. I will try again later and post a video if i cant figure if out. Thanks for the help!

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