Multitrack Recording?

Hi All, new Hermod user here. Picked up mine second hand. I’ve updated the firmware to the latest version (v1.71) and I’m slowly wrapping my head around the basics. However, I can’t seem to figure out how to record my MIDI keyboard and Touché SE controller simultaneously (aka: multitrack recording). I have set up the tracks as follows…
Tracks 1, 2 & 3 is 1 voice with aftertouch + velocity. And tracks 4 thru 7 are set to be Mod Tracks.

MIDI IN settings as follows…
Active Track: Off
Tracks 1 thru 8 set to channel 1

My keyboard controller and Touché SE are set to output MIDI on channel 1. The keyboard is being used for notes, gates, velocity and aftertouch. The Touché is outputting 4 CV’s, CC16, CC17, CC18, CC19.

-Track 4 MIDI Effect set to Input Mod, CC16.
-Track 5 MIDI Effect set to Input Mod, CC17.
-Track 6 MIDI Effect set to Input Mod, CC18.
-Track 7 MIDI Effect set to Input Mod, CC19.

When I hold Step + Rec (multitrack recording) I am able to record the first 3 Tracks + the currently selected Track (example: Track 4), but I am not able to record the other Mod Tracks (5 thru 7).

It seems I am able to record multiple Mod Tracks if I use the CV inputs instead of CC’s via the Input Mod effect, but my Touché SE is MIDI only (the more expensive Touché has 4 CV outputs).

Perhaps I am missing something? Or perhaps is this not possible to record multiple CC Tracks with the Hermod? If anyone can help with this it would be greatly appreciated.

I think I answered my own question…

I had not actually set all the MIDI Inputs for all the tracks to revive on the same channel (channel 1). Now that I have done so all is working as expected!

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yeah, I was going to just post, that its working for me :wink:

basically for others…
set all tracks to the channel you want to recv on
set the input mod to cc you need
hit step+rec

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