Multiple step repeat on Hapax?

Searched the manual and can’t find any info on this so I’ll ask those of you that have one already.
Can the Hapax a) do step repeats like the Pyramid and
b) do multiple step repeats, ie. Like I’d be in step mode, and I could hold down multiple steps and it would repeat those steps in order. (while the sequence continues to run)
I’m guessing this would have to be more something in the Step mode rather than the Live mode like it is on the Pyramid.

The Roland Tr-06 does this and it is genius. Basically the reason I keep it around. It makes doing live fills so much more interesting.

if I understand correctly your question.

you’d have to see loop points… see RMRs video (chapter loop points), he shows how he can do this quickly,

oooh. Haven’t even had time to watch this yet.
Just watched that chapter. Very cool, but not what I mean.
This would be just on the drum track, and I would hold, say, step 3, 7, and 9, and it would play those three steps in succession until I let go of those steps, at which point it goes back to wherever it should be in the pattern according to the clock.
I should’ve been more specific.
It is a really cool feature that should be a given on any drum machine/sequencer once you try it.

basically just a really easy, cool sounding way to add fills to the beat in real time

There are other ways to do fills on hapax.

But no that’s not possible currently

Ahhh. Thanks. Since it’ll probably be over a year before I get my hands on a Hapax, do you have any tricks to doing fills on the fly with the Pyramid?
(Besides just using beat repeat?)

Then there should be plenty of time to read the manual. :wink: Look for the function called FILL.

I would probably love the function mentioned above, as using the FILL button currently requires that you have already assigned notes to being played when FILL is pressed. So would be nice with something totally immidiate.

Right? It’s a cool feature surprisingly found on a Roland Boutique :wink:
I HAVE read the Pyramid Manual pretty much “cover to cover.” Any clue if there is something that I missing that offers a similar fill option as the Hapax? Or is that a totally new feature?
I wish you could search terms in the Manuals…