Multiple Sequence chains possible workaround?

I’ve not attempted this but as I have just got the point where I am starting to arrange my grooves into linear arrangements it has been on my mind.

I also remember a few comments on the old forum regarding various sequence chain options and was wondering if anyone had enough time on their hands to give this a try?

Given that you can trigger sequences with midi notes via Pyramidi IN, is it not possible to send midi out from Pyramid and back in via Pyramidi IN?

So you would have a track sending notes out and back into the Pyramidi IN triggering different sequence numbers in succession in whatever order you want to chain them in. The tracks would have to be the longest tracks in your sequence so the loop would not retrigger from the start of the track when it got to the end of the track and loop round again. But you could just add in a lot of blank bars at the end of your sequence chain - or you’d have to experiment with the track run modes I guess - but I haven’t properly got my head round them yet either.

Then within that track you could have multiple patterns triggering different sequence chains. I guess then you could have 32 possible chains per track to swtich between and then if you needed more you could just repeat the process on a separate track. Obviously you couldn’t have both tracks playing at the same time as that would leave Pyramid conflicted over which sequence it was switching to.

I wonder if Pyramid would accurately trigger the sequences if the trigger sequence MIDI note landed on the first beat of the bar? Would you have to nudge them back to the previous bar to give Pyramid the chance to pre-empt the sequence change?

Or maybe the pyramid is smart enough to look ahead, cache and prioritise a sequence change over PyraMIDI over and above all the other stuff it has to think about?

If not you’d probably have to put the notes that trigger the sequences before the bars on which you want the next sequence to trigger but Pyramid would know to switch these on the next bar if you had that fixed in the sequence trigger time settings (immediate switch, next beat, next bar etc.) But you could place them on the bar lines and the nudge them back by a beat or a bar in step mode. But then how do you deal with the first note in the sequence chain trigger??? Um…anyway…

Got to thinking about this as I came very close to reaching for Ableton as a means of arranging a linear sequence where I can start the sequence chain from anywhere in the song (with a visual cue for the linear timeline and total track duration too). I’m not having much luck with the 2.3 update that let’s you use the PLAY/restart button in Seq Play mode to step through you sequence chain. (PyraOs 2.3 / Sequence Chains / PLAY restarts on next sequence)

So I figured I could make various sequence chains using midi notes, fit them Ableton clips and then just reorder the clip sequence to change the order of the sequence chains. Then record that to Ableton’s arrangement view to ‘render’ my linear sequence. But that of course would mean introducing Ableton back into my setup which is not what I came for!

I might be missing something fundamental here or there might be a more elegant solution… But this was the best I could come up with in the shower this morning.

Isn’t it nice to have electronic music issues to dwell on in one’s downtime instead of thinking about the real problems in one’s life?

Anyone tried this or want to try it and feedback.


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