Multiple long tracks (or, using Pyramid as a linear sequencer.)

If you start a sequence, then press record, it doesn’t automatically stop at the end of the pattern, so you can do overdubs, etc.

The only issue is that it’s always an overdub, never replaces what is currently in the sequence being looped. That would be a nice feature. Perhaps I should suggest it as an option.

I have found, as @vt100 says, the best way is to use smaller tracks, I do think it’s really built for that kind of workflow. I definitely find that incredibly useful for building up tunes really quickly, just plugging in loads of 8 and 16 bar sequences, then playing them live when I’m recording, but that’s how my brain works, generally, than playing a load of stuff and afterwards selecting what I like the most out of that (although I do do this for long chords for pads and strings, when I don’t really know what I’m doing until I’ve done it)

The other thing I do (and obviously your mileage may vary on this) if I do want to do this sort of thing, then I just record it into the computer, cut and edit there, then record the midi from the computer back into the Pyramid.

Some things are just easier with a massive screen and a mouse and keyboard…

I found a beautiful way to do what I want to do.

(Apologies if this was already posted and I just didn’t understand it…)

Set up patterns for your long tracks, zoom out to 1/4x, and copy/paste from your various loop patterns onto the pads, which are one bar each. It is a very rapid process when you hold down 2nd+paste and then slide your finger across, brrrrip. Much more flexible than Sequences. Combined with the ability to move to different points in all tracks at once, this way you can absolutely use Pyramid as a linear sequencer, and can ignore Sequences.

At this point the only feature request I’d want for this now is the ability to move the current page position in increments of pads (or bars) instead of pages. (Which I want anyway, for patterns that are non-divisible by 16.)

Ran into a wrinkle. Seems CC is not copied along with notes. Isn’t it supposed to? That’s what it says in the manual.

Press 2ND + copy + any step to copy all events contained in a step.

Note Stepmode, CC Stepmode, Effects Stepmode, etc represent different data, or at least that’s how I’ve been able to navigate.
By “copy all events”, I believe it means “all events within this Stepmode”

“Copy all Events irrespective of Mode (excepting Euclid)” would be really handy.

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I just sent Squarp a request to be able to paste data copied from Live and Pattern modes onto steps in Step mode. That should solve the issue.

Also sent my other related suggestions to make working with long tracks and sequences better. I realized you can easily eat up all of the ram copying and pasting loops all around.

Just another random update.

So the workflow I think I’m going with is what I think is the intended one, with some tricks I learned from this thread and on my own.

Patterns are very nice for working out beats and melodies. You can easily expand beats to longer sections with copy paste, adding fills and general variation. Some layers like hi hats and percussion could just stay short patterns. You can record a long melody or other track over the full song with play and THEN record. Then split it out into patterns fairly easily.

Patterns are also great for working out fills or other ideas because you can conveniently grab them and place them in longer tracks or in a sequence (slot).

Overall I’m happy. Except for the crucial missing piece which is copying ALL events into arbitrary steps. I think pasting tracks and patterns merges event data, I’ll have to check. If so then a workaround would be to shift the track, paste, then shift back. Not ideal, but I’m quickly getting quicker at doing stuff. :+1:


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