MRCC - stand alone midi router with many I/O - rack or desktop

Hello guys,

a Kickstarter project is on going with a new midi router, fully stand alone. It promises to be one of the most powerfull midi router

"I/O 11 in x 21 out routable and filtered MIDI ports
Message filters: clock, note on/off, CC, prog change, & Stop/Start/Continue
Mappings: velocity scaling, channel, & 16 PC virtual cables
Tools : save/load presets, MIDI routing tests for all ports and channels, & Visual MIDI monitors
Midi effects planned (arpeggio etc…)

The OLED screen, navigation buttons and encoder are intended to "future proof“ the MRCC. We will monitor the MIDI 2.0 spec, and as features are adopted by the industry we wish to provide FW updates where possible.

Conductive labs has already complete successfully a previous project named The NLDR


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