MPE or multi channel MIDI

hello ladies and gentlemen, is there a way to live record on multiple simultaneous MIDI channels in order to support something like Ensel Morph on MPE mode, or even simply a Nord Durm 2 which has a MIDI channel for each of its six pads. I want to play live on the pads and wind up with six tracks with each a MIDI channel or one track with six MIDI channels. With the sensel Morph or any other MIDI controller that would be up to 8 different MIDI channels. Is there a way in 3.23 ? Did I miss something?

Pyramid does not explicitly support mpe.

But midi input - OMNI mode - multibank A will record all channels.

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that’s good news, so I will have all the stuff I am playing on a single live track?

No it’ll be on separate tracks.

as I said no mpe support, not sure if any hardware sequencers support mpe yet - hell even ableton live doesn’t :wink:

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thank you, strange that Ableton does not, they tend to live in their own world, ethnocentric world that is…