MPE or multi channel MIDI

hello ladies and gentlemen, is there a way to live record on multiple simultaneous MIDI channels in order to support something like Ensel Morph on MPE mode, or even simply a Nord Durm 2 which has a MIDI channel for each of its six pads. I want to play live on the pads and wind up with six tracks with each a MIDI channel or one track with six MIDI channels. With the sensel Morph or any other MIDI controller that would be up to 8 different MIDI channels. Is there a way in 3.23 ? Did I miss something?

Pyramid does not explicitly support mpe.

But midi input - OMNI mode - multibank A will record all channels.


that’s good news, so I will have all the stuff I am playing on a single live track?

No it’ll be on separate tracks.

as I said no mpe support, not sure if any hardware sequencers support mpe yet - hell even ableton live doesn’t :wink:

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thank you, strange that Ableton does not, they tend to live in their own world, ethnocentric world that is…

MPE support is growing :slight_smile:
Axoloti ( is a patchable hardware synth that does support MPE, and even if most common DAWs don’t support MPE, Bitwig and Tracktion Waveform have it. On the software synth side, Equator (provided with any Roli product) is really a great synth (sort of the default MPE synth), and you have more MPE-capable synth apps on iOS/Android too.
It would be great if the Pyramid had the capacity to record all MPE channels from an instrument to just one track, and support some form of MPE playback afterwards. I don’t own a Pyramid so far, I’m considering it but if it did support it that would be an instant buy :wink:


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hi ywen
i have both seabord rise and squarp pyramid
seaboard is just the best keyboard i never had…just a revolution on my opinion
i did not try any automation yet as i think it is quite impossible due to the number of channels simultaneously used in mpe
it would be great if squarp guys give their feedback on this question…

Another MPE question. . . I understand that Pyramid does not support recording MPE right now. Is there a way to get it to at least pass through the MPE? So far in my experiments playing through the Pyramid garbles the chain so I have to recable my midi set-up to take advantage of MPE, which is . . . not ideal.