MPE or multi channel MIDI

hello ladies and gentlemen, is there a way to live record on multiple simultaneous MIDI channels in order to support something like Ensel Morph on MPE mode, or even simply a Nord Durm 2 which has a MIDI channel for each of its six pads. I want to play live on the pads and wind up with six tracks with each a MIDI channel or one track with six MIDI channels. With the sensel Morph or any other MIDI controller that would be up to 8 different MIDI channels. Is there a way in 3.23 ? Did I miss something?

Pyramid does not explicitly support mpe.

But midi input - OMNI mode - multibank A will record all channels.


that’s good news, so I will have all the stuff I am playing on a single live track?

No it’ll be on separate tracks.

as I said no mpe support, not sure if any hardware sequencers support mpe yet - hell even ableton live doesn’t :wink:

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thank you, strange that Ableton does not, they tend to live in their own world, ethnocentric world that is…

MPE support is growing :slight_smile:
Axoloti ( is a patchable hardware synth that does support MPE, and even if most common DAWs don’t support MPE, Bitwig and Tracktion Waveform have it. On the software synth side, Equator (provided with any Roli product) is really a great synth (sort of the default MPE synth), and you have more MPE-capable synth apps on iOS/Android too.
It would be great if the Pyramid had the capacity to record all MPE channels from an instrument to just one track, and support some form of MPE playback afterwards. I don’t own a Pyramid so far, I’m considering it but if it did support it that would be an instant buy :wink:


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hi ywen
i have both seabord rise and squarp pyramid
seaboard is just the best keyboard i never had…just a revolution on my opinion
i did not try any automation yet as i think it is quite impossible due to the number of channels simultaneously used in mpe
it would be great if squarp guys give their feedback on this question…

Another MPE question. . . I understand that Pyramid does not support recording MPE right now. Is there a way to get it to at least pass through the MPE? So far in my experiments playing through the Pyramid garbles the chain so I have to recable my midi set-up to take advantage of MPE, which is . . . not ideal.

Hi All
regarding MPE and PYRAMID, here is the answer from Jean from SQUARP, many thanks for him.
RAM memory of the PYRAMID would not support MPE instruments as it is too heavy. The possibility is, as suggested by “thetechnobear”, to use function OMNI MODE = MULTITRACK to record channel1 on track 1, channel 2 on track2…sounds realistic and a little bit complicated to handle with the effects, but why not…
I will test soon with my ROLI SEABORD 49 and will give you a feed back


hello, I am not sure why MPE could not implement but in any case I will try the work around. I am using a Nord Drum 3 which sends messages over six channels

many things can be implemented… but its not always a matter if something is technically possible or not.

The pyramid was not designed to have MPE (or multiple midi channels) on one track.
To change the firmware so that it did, would very likely require a very significant portion of the the firmware to be re-written. given this was not part of its original features, and only a small percentage of its user base would use it… it would ‘un-economic’ to do it. (bare in mind, Id love MPE on the pyramid :wink: )
(also technically, the Pyramid is quite limited in memory, hence 10000 event limit, that would create issus for many MPE controllers)

really MPE is something thats much easier to design in from day #1 in a sequencer, rather than to try to retrospectively add later.

good news is, I think a new mpe enabled hardware sequencer is more likely then ever…
we are seeing more mpe controllers, more (hardware) mpe enabled synths … and most daws are now supporting MPE (even Live 11!) - if I was starting to create a hardware sequencer today, Id be quite tempted to consider MPE support (or at least, design so it was ‘possible’)

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thank you for your prompt reply, yes that is what I imagined was happening. Actually I believe that Live11 does implement MPE, although I have not seen it with my own eyes yet

yes, I said even Live 11 is supporting MPE :slight_smile:

I’ve been using the Live 11 Beta for a while now, the MPE support is really excellent in it. Ableton have done a good job on it.

good to know

Is there anyway to get MPE passthrough in Pyramid Mk3 and maybe full MPE support later (possibly in Mk4), when there will be more memory

if in settins you turn on pressure and use omni = multibank A, and set track A0-A16 to Ch1-16 - then it should pass thru (and be able to be recorded)
also perhaps look at MIDI IN - midi b mode = THRU ?

this is what we have today.

as for what might be possible, you’ll need to contact squarp directly via the contact form, as anything else here would be mere speculation.

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multi channel MIDI like whats an an Alesis MMT8 or Yamaha QX5 would be so great. I’m borrowing a pyramid right now and its the main gripe for me; MPE is a whole other thing but it seems the MMT8 style of recording/playback ( but with different loop lengths and polyrhythmic capabilities as the pyramid allows) would be easy to implement after the fact and a show stopper!

If you’re looking for something that records and plays back like the MMT8, take a look at the MidiSizer MidiREX (if you haven’t heard of it).

It’s small looping recorder (only 4 tracks) but you can record multiple MPE style on each of the tracks. Thats to say that every note or event also includes the MIDI channel info. It’s meant to be a recorder so editing is somewhat painful. You can also consolidate tracks to make more room so that the 4 track limitation isn’t so bad. Loop time doesn’t have to be predetermined either (similar to hard record on Pyramid).

You can either DIY or buy it pre-assembled for $200

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