MPE not working Hapax OS 2.00

Using Roli Seaboard. Tested with Black Corporation ISE-NIN and Behringer UB-Xa.

Pitch bend seems to be handled as global instead of per note/channel. When I downgrade to 1.16 it works as expected.

I have reported the issue to Squarp but have not had a response yet. Anyone else have this problem? Perhaps it’s user error and there is an additional setting I have missed?

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have that problem too

“Hapax is the first hardware sequencer that fully supports MIDI Polyphonic Expression. Record the finest gestures, slides and articulations of your playing, without compromising quality.”


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Same, driving me crazy.

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@Thibault_Squarp This is what is happening. Notes are input correctly on their individual channels, however Hapax is outputting all notes on channel 1.

I bought the Hapax because I wanted a hardware sequencer which could handle MPE. I had hoped it would be able to deal with poly aftertouch but no, it’s blocked.

Currently I am using an MPC and Hapax in parellel because the MPC can’t handle MPE without creating 16 midi tracks, and the Hapax has poly aftertouch disabled. The MPC can record and play back poly aftertouch but it’s not editable.

Now I will need to downgrade the Hapax to 1.16 to deal with MPE. I will still need to keep the MPC to handle poly aftertouch.

These devices are not cheap. It would be nice if we had some feedback from the people who created them other than ‘We’ve been very busy and we will fix it eventually…’

Squarp and AKAI are 2 very different companies in size and ressources, you should take this into considération.
What Squarp promised has been delivered so far. Updates are coming, let’s be patient. You have an mpc and a hapax to sequence music ! That’s a cool setup. Enjoy :wink:

@kostra0ne Thanks for taking the time to “express yourself” :grinning:

You are very welcome :heart:


Yeah, I’m on the fence about returning Hapax because of this. I love it in every other way but this was literally the feature I bought it for…


I suggest to just have patience. It will come. Squarp has a good record of living up to their promises.

If you love everything else about it and are somehow still on the fence, you should definitely return it.

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Lol, if you don’t like the fact that the tool doesn’t perform its intended function, return it?)

I’ll be defenetly waiting a couple of weeks/months as you can still do crasy stuff with MPE by workarounds.

Why LOL? Yes. If it doesn’t perform its intended function, return it. Is that controversial?

More specifically, though, in this case it sounds like it does a ton of things the OP really likes. But even so this one thing has them on the fence about returning it. That one thing’s pretty important then, right? So important it overshadows all the rest.

If a device does one thing so poorly that it kills the joy in all the rest, what are the chances of it getting improved to the level where they’ll start being happy with it? Seem not great to me. Hence, return it.

It have a sense :slight_smile:

Hey everyone,

Our most sincere apologies, you have every right to be upset, this is a blunder on our part.
For the record, this issue is something we’re actively working on, we will release a fix as soon as possible.


I will hold out for a solution! Thank you for addressing it.

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i’m eagerly waiting that MPE becomes useable with Osmose too