MPC X with Pyramid setup

Hi, I have MPC X linked via midi out to Behringer Rd 8, Behringer ms-1, KORG minilogue xd and Roland JU-06A with Arturia Keystep.

I also have zoom livetrak L12 and Squarp Pyramid on loan so my question is.

How would one connect this gear together? if at all it would all work together.

I really want to see how the pyramid works and if I like it I might invest.

Is the Mpc x and Pyramid overkill?

Excuse me if this is all is a little basic. I’m new to this technology.

I also have a Mac book pro running Ableton if I so need it.

I would be grateful for your opinion on how you would connect the listed gear for a studio setup.


I only have the MPC Live, but that should be similar.
For the synths and drum machines the Pyramid is the best choice. But you can’t control the MPC well from Pyramid.
A connection Pyramid -> MPC -> Synths makes no sense.
In my setup the MPC is only connected to midi B for synchronization. The other gear is connected to Midi A on Pyramid.

Similar setup:
Fatar kB merged with rc300
rc300 clock to pyramid,
Pyramid A to mc707 >> sync to dtx and dd200
Pyramid B to other synths via Kenton 1x5

Works perfectly

Thanks for reply. I will let you know how I get on. Need a midi through connector to get all the hardware working. Just have drum machine, one synth and the mpc x.

I set Akai as master, though it only seemed to work properly when I connected midi in on Akai to midi out B and the midi in on the pyramid to the midi out on the Akai.

Using the transport controls was a little strange. Just not used to it I guess.

I tried the Pyramid as master only that didn’t work out so well. Unless I made some sort of school boy error.

Am I right in thinking you can only use one track at a time on the Akai? It seems a bit over kill. The mpc live would be more sensible. I’m not getting shot of my mpc x though.

The small time I’ve spent with it the pyramid has my attention.

One question. Midi thru boxes. Are they all much the same or are the branded options a safer choice. When I say branded, i guess I mean the more expensive ones.


You can also connect the MPC with USB to the Pyramid. Then you have two MIDI connections for your synths.
In Pyramid you have to select USB Sync and Start/Stop in the MIDI OUT settings, then Pyramid is Master and MPC is Slave.

MPC X and Live are both exactly the same in terms of software.What do you mean with “only use one Track”?

I prefer the KENTON devices. Devices that are powered by MIDI (active) are generally not recommended.

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Not had much time with it but as an example. Say if you had two different mpc instruments in tracks 1 and 2 in the same sequence.

Is it possible to trigger the different tracks independently and simultaneously with squarp?

Hope that makes sense?


Nope, you can only sequence 1 Track (the currently selected).
MPCs MIDI inputs are more intended to be played with a keyboard or to use with an additional controller (e.g. for CC-messages or to mute/unmute tracks).
Sequencing of instruments and drums must be done with the internal MPC sequencer.

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now that MPC firmware 2.8 is out you can do whatever you want, finally!!!

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