MPC & Pyramid Slaved Start/Stop issue

Can someone help? My Pyramid works fine when slaved to my MPC1000. Starts/Stops/Sync all fine when it is playing. The issue is when I go to record on MPC 1000 and it does a 4 count in. The Pyramid will start playing on the 3. So it’s a half bar ahead of what I’m playing on the MPC. Which makes it difficult to record something on the MPC alongside the Pyramid.

If I turn off sync and just keep start/stop on in the pyramid it will work correctly - I just have to make sure I have the same bpm on the pyramid as the mpc.

Thank you!

Try setting clock timeout to long in midi in -settings.


That did indeed fix it! It all works perfect now. I’ve been struggling with this for awhile. Thank you so much!

Yup. I had the same problem slaving the Pyramid to a Fostex D2424LV, and Squarp kindly added the option to increase the timeout as a workaround.
I say workaround because the MIDI spec doesn’t involve any such timeouts, but Pyramid kinda needs it due to the way clock slaving is implemented.

This led me down a HD recorder rabbit hole. Do you still use the Fostex D2424LV?
I have a Mackie 1604VLZ4, and has been toying with the idea of a HD multitrack recorder for the DAWless setup, rather than the current laptop in the mix workflow.
Mainly curious about the A/D and D/A conversion quality, as well as the possibility for using SSDs instead of HDDs?

Yeah I still have + use it, although in the last year or so, haven’t had much time to do anything music related.

I know people rave about how Alesis HD24 converters are the best, I wouldn’t know because I haven’t heard it and I don’t also have gold-plated ears :laughing: Let me put it this way: the quality of sound in my setup is not limited by the Fostex.

This guy says he’s gotten that particular SSD to work. I bought the same SSD and adapter, but no such luck for me: the SSD is detected, format goes ok, but recording doesn’t work (it appears to start but never stops). I haven’t bothered pursuing it further, it gets a bit expensive to buy SSDs just to see if they work. AIUI the thing is very particular to hard disk timing, so chances of finding one that does don’t seem that great. Then again, the hard disk isn’t what makes it noisy in my ears, the fan is. Swapping that for a modern ultra-quiet PC fan did absolute wonders to it.

The killer feature of the Fostex in the context of Pyramid is that it can send MIDI clock which the Pyramid can sync to, the Alesis only talks MTC/SMPTE.

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Great, thanks for the quick reply :slight_smile: