MPC ONE from X or Rytm MK2

I have an mpc x. I was debating on downgrading to the Mpc live. Now I see there is the MPC one. I don’t use the full capability all the hardware of the X and I could do with more room on my desk. I hear the ONE uses the same OS so my old files should work on it which is handy.
Was considering Electron Anolouge Rytm 2. Could still be an option only I am semi used to the MPC way and a slow leaner. I like the Rytm from what I know about it as it appears more creative. So either keep the X or get the ONE or the Rytm MK2. My heat says Rytm. Head says Mpc. The Rytm looks more creative or is that a miss observation? Just an observation.

Can any MPC X/Live or even ONE users see any pros and cons in the downgrade?

Or any Rytm users convert me? I hope so.

I’m not a Proffessional musician but would value the thoughts of a Proffessional or anyone well versed in production and if someone has the MPC ONE I would love to know how you find.

Thanks in advance.

Ps. Excuse any typos and grammatical errors as I’m severely dyslexic and auto type correct does not always help. I did read what I wrote only sometimes that does not help and I’m in iPhone so makes it that much more frustrating. . Thanks :ok_hand:

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I took mc707 instead for a simple reason, all sequencing runs from Pyramid and the new Roland Zen is all my dreams in one place. It goes sequences Pyramid, sampled clips recorded on mc707. Both work together brilliantly. And again the Digitakt + mc707 is the same money as rhythm mkii.
Tough choice though. My next one is the Digitakt and probably the Zoia modular.


p.s.: you selling mpc x?

Sell or trade, yes. That’s why I was considering MPC ONE to replace it. The X is too big and ugly (some may disagree).Not that looks Should come Into it, just a personal thing as I’m a very visual person. Just don’t want it any more. The ONE is allot better size format.

get a digitakt and the new MPC one. That way it’s a good step into learning the Electron work flow.

I was disappointed that The Mpc was only was able to use one track. It would have been so cool otherwise. So wanting a sampler and drum machine that’s why Rytm 2. The digitak interests me but not the mc 707 not that I’ve ever played with one.

I had a Digitakt and an MC707. The Mark 2 destroys them both, and I liked those machines.

If you want to design your own analog kicks and snares and are willing to spend some time to learn how to do it (some people seem to buy one and barely learn the machine then post that the kicks don’t sound "full), nothing can beat it. Since you can also load your own samples, and it also has dual VCOs so you can use it for synth sounds too, its seriously deep.

Thething about the Digitakt that I dont like is that you have to use overbridge to get isolated outs, and it does not add much to the sound that you couldnt do in the DAW.

The RYTM adds sound and character to your samples and the analogue kicks you can make are endless, so you will not sound like other people. Of course you can sound like others if that is the intent as well.

The biggest thing about the RYTM is that its fairly advanced and requires you to learn how to make drums on it if you want to get the most out of it. I would suggest watching the Cenk video on RYTM OS version 1.30 so you can get a good idea of how fast you can get on it once you have logged the hours, and how it can sound as well.

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I have an Mki and an MC707. Didn’t need the ability to sample into the RYTM, only reason I didn’t go for a mkii(and it saved money). I also treat my pyramid like I’m working on an MPC, for synths.

RYTM can have some MASSIVE kicks with the analog engine. I make huge 808’s all of the time, so huge that i’ve had issues with sitting them in a mix at times. I really have to clear everything out below 200 rather than 100 as normal. I haven’t tried the dual VCO engine, but imagine I will at some point. The isolated outs are huge for me.

My set up is. Pyramid clocks the RYTM, but I use the RYTM sequencer for drums, and the RYTM individual outs go to the tascam model 24. I sequence all of my synths on the pyramid like I was using an MPC (or ASRX as I used to own).

I also had a Force, and found the midi clock to be awful, and that is the same clock the MPC uses. MPC swing was also sort of a joke for akai having poor clocking.

I record all of my synths and drum sounds into ableton via the Model 24, and the clock is perfectly tight so that I quantize off of the kick drum from the RYTM, and the looping is seamless. I could never do this with akai jitter.

I still may buy another force too, btw, when they finally add an arranger. It’s still a fun machine.

sorry to resurrect an old thread but, after spending some time with Pyramid and Blackbox 1010 and trying to get them to work together seamlessly, I’m realizing as great as BB is, it’s probably not quite robust enough in terms of pitch shifting/time stretching as i need it to be to trigger loops and vocal samples at variable tempos (even moreso when Hapax arrives and I have dual projects transitioning without stopping).

from what I can tell, an MPC One could handle any of those uses i throw at it but also feels kind of like overkill to just having Pyramid/Hapax triggering samples, or even the multisampled instruments. i’m not the finger drummer kind of rhythm programmer so all the pads don’t really matter to me. but for a sampling workhorse that will just work as i need it to, i’m okay with overpaying for features.

has anyone gone the atypical route of running an MPC One/Live/Force box from Pyramid? any issues that might not be obvious to someone coming from Blackbox?? thanks!

I downloaded from the X to the one, as now I can use a usb audio interface to get the extra ins and outs. I have the Pyramid synced from ableton using cv tools trigger out to Pyramid gate in. Midi sync to Cirklon. I use Link to sync the daw to the Mpc One. When not using the daw I hit play on pyramid and everything syncs perfectly

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