Moving between rotate and warp behavior?

Pressing +/- with events selected now Warps the events by default. And there’s a helpful setting that lets us pick whether we want this Warps behavior or the old rotate behavior. But is there a way to use both without going to settings to flip between them? Like, by holding 2nd or some more obscure key combination?


Not currently. Quite frankly, we wanted to fully deprecate the rotate behaviour, but decided otherwise to still support previous user workflows.

We might move rotate to an ALGO at some point.

In terms of shortcuts, we looked into it, it’s pretty crowded already.


An algo would be great for this, actually. And it’d fit right in conceptually with the Symmetry stuff.

It’s not something I do often, usually just to clean up live recording in a loop where I’ve come in too early so the first event is at the end of the loop and quantize can’t save me :slight_smile:

It’s also nice to add variation. Select the second or third bar of a bass line and rotate to give variance but keep the feel of the groove.

Things I don’t do often enough to warrant an always-on key combo, but do just frequently enough that going to the settings, switching the behavior, forgetting to switch it back, then switching it back after accidentally rotating events I wanted to stretch… is still kind of a pain. An algo is a nice middle ground for this.

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If you made it an algo, would it preserve all the existing functionality? As I’ve waited for my Hapax I’ve watched some videos and it looks like you can select a range, or an ‘area,’ and rotate just that. Am I seeing that right? Would the algo preserve this behavior?

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definitely, I think this is exactly the beauty of algos… being able to add functionality, when the UI is getting too tight to fit :slight_smile:

one other advantage of algos, is potentially being able to add additional parameters to the operation… (e.g. perhaps the rotate algo, could have other options that seem to ‘fit’ with it)

personally, I think this is better than adding more ‘options’, we have a dedicated algo button so its never that far away.

btw: not sure if it does already, but perhaps to ease this, the algo button could remember the last algo used… so if you use one algo very frequently, it’ll be there next time you press algo.


Yes remembering the last algo is a tiny change (I think) with a huge impact on workflow :slight_smile:

yeah, I think Algos were one of the features that most excited me about the Hapax when I first got it.

I see them as the perfect partner to FX…
FX = realtime/non-perm changes.
Algos = one off change.

I think the opportunity for simple utility functions, that can’t be squeeze into a shortcut is massive, and allows Squarp to avoid massive ‘shortcut overload’ on the UI.
that’s why the idea of moving rotate to it appeals so much… it kind of pushes this direction.
its not dissimilar in many ways to the existing ‘symmetry’ algo
we already have an algos topic… but yeah, things like rotate, scale, quantise (time) , consolidate could be some great ‘utilities’ to have in algo.

and as @Thibault_Squarp pointed out, algos can be applied to ranges so… they don’t just get applied to the whole track. (something, I was cheering at when I first noticed !) , so perfect for utilities.

it be nice to see it go this way, and so move away from the idea that algos are solely for ‘generative’ work (which is cool for too) … but I see much more day to day uses for them.

so, indeed, remember the last algo, would I think make for a more ‘efficient’ workflow… something you grab and use on multiple regions on a track, or across tracks.
basically, covering some features you might see typical on a daw right click menu.