Move Sequence left/right - ist it possible?

… I wonder: is it possible to move the whole contents of a pattern stepwise left or right? I want to record melodicer, it generates interesting rhythms , but sometimes i feel bar 1 elsewhere, so Id like to record this in a sequencer and move it…

Hi @greenman

Here’s the relevant portion of the manual:

Hold and turn the encoder to rotate all the notes or modulations in a pattern. It will move all the events left/right, in time increments related to the zoom level.

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thank you!

or just use the cursor keys…

what do you mean? Ive searched Hermod+ manual, but there is no talking about cursor keys, the encoder solution is fine though

sorry i didn’t notice that i’m in the Hermod Forum… thought it’S a Hapax Question. So just forget what i was writing :slight_smile:

easy ;-), I thought so