Mounting Pyramid to a stand


If I get a Pyramid, I would like to mount it on a stand, like a swivel arm or something. I suppose there’s no vesa-type mount on the back… any suggestions? Thanks!

I’m using an iPad mount on a mc stand. Isn’t 100% secure but it’s for studio use only. Looking for something more stable to play in a live situation as well.

My local music store uses this sort of contraptions (exactly these): Laptop stand

The swivel assembly is really very sturdy but the part that holds the laptop is plasticky … I have ordered my Pyramid today, I’ll try that stand out in the shop. (And it’s white, I don’t like white gear, it’s all black for me :wink: …)

I have a piece of wood and put velcro on it, and velcro on the pyramid. That sits on a keyboard stand (it’s a spider stand and it gives it a bit of an angle). I’ve found that to work pretty well.

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The official Pyramid wood panels are attached to the device simply by screwing them tight against the sides via two metal rods that go underneath the device. I think a similar approach could be used to attach it to a stand, or you could utilize the wood panels for attaching. Some degree of DIY involved of course.

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Finally I rearranged my rig to acommodate for the Pyramid, and thos wooden panels would probably be neccessary angle to be confortable. Expensive though, for two pieces of ordinary wood and a couple of screws.