Motu micro lite midi router not working with hapax?

I have a midi router connected to hapax through USB type A. I selected USB host in the settings on the hapax, then connected synths to the 1st port of the router, but I can’t get midi to move in or out through the router. I have tons of other midi routing going on with the hapax and it all works, so I do have a pretty good understanding of midi etc. - micro lite Overview <— link to router for convenience

Am I missing something? This is supposed to work right? so it must be on my end.

Is the micro lite class compliant? I thought it needed proprietary drivers for Windows & MacOS.

dang. that makes sense. i dont really understand the class compliant thing so thanks for taking the time to help with that. i plugged in another midi router and its working. so i guess this one is class compliant!

Class compliant means the USB device is designed to work with the standard drivers included in the host device OS i.e. it doesn’t depend on installation of proprietary drivers provided by the USB device manufacturer.