Moog DFAM with Squarp Pyramid

Having some trouble syncing DFAM to Pyramid.
I’ve connected ENV out of Pyramid to ADV/CLOCK of DFAM.
I have advanced the DFAM to Step 8, and engaged the Start/Stop on the DFAM.

When I press play on the Pyramid, the DFAM starts and keeps perfect time with Pyramid.

However, when I press Play/Record with one bar count-in on the Pyramid (because I want to record another synth on a specific midi channel) The DFAM is always off one beat.
In fact the count-in throws you off because the DFAM starts on the “6” instead of the “5” on the 1 bar count in. So it is no longer synced. It seems like the count-in on the Pyramid is throwing it off.

Now If I detach the DFAM from the Pyramid, and record my synth part into the Pyramid just using the record click track, then plug back in my DFAM to the Pyramid as described above, then hit play on the Pyramid, the DFAM and the track I recorded are all in sync.

It would be great to be able to play a part over the patch I created on the DFAM, as opposed to the click track.

Anybody have thoughts on this or have experienced the same?

Thanks in advance, this is my first post here.