Moog DFAM and Pyramid Noobie Question

I worked with my Pyramid and Midi for quite a while and love the possibilites and the outcome.
Now i have a Moog DFAM here (which i love as much) but i can´t figure out how to set both machines up
and get any sound of the DFAM while connected to the Pyramid. I am completely new to modular. Can patch the Moog to make the craziest sounds but somehow don´t get how the Pyramide and the DFAM can communicate. Is there something in the Manual that i miss, or any Tutorials out there that would help a beginner? Do youhave some advice? Thanks in advance.

simple way to use it is to connect pyramid’s gate to dfam’s adv/clock. That way you can advance the dfam’s sequencer step by step by playing notes over cv in any rhythm you wish.

there are probably other ways, but that is how i like to do it.


ah thanks. “playing notes over cv” reminded me that there is an option to put a channel to CV.

:slight_smile: how silly of me.

if anyone wants to share some other tricks - please don´t be shy.