Monosynth Live Mode: Legato Only?

Hello! I’m stoked to have my new Hapax and having fun with it.

For my monosynth (eurorack voice) in live mode, pressing a second note without lifting off the first causes pitch to change but my envelope does not retrigger.

There doesn’t seem to be any option to retrigger notes this way rather than the default legato mode of operation.

Did I miss something? Is this possibly something Squarp would introduce eventually? Is there a reason I shouldn’t want this? :slight_smile:

Thanks !

I’d assume this is because there’s a “Poly” track mode and not a “Mono” track mode. It might be worth raising a feature request with Squarp as having a mono sequencer with management on how note overlaps are dealt with would be quite useful for some synths. I’ll likely do the same once I’ve created a wishlist of sorts.


why keep holding down the first note?
to play monosynth just use a “mono” finger… did i miss something?

Fair point, but maybe it’s just a preference… e.g. If I want the last note’s gate to extend all the way to the next one, I’d need to perfect a technique of very quickly lifting before pressing the next note. And it would never be perfect. Seems a feature here would really help.

But I understand why it might not be a front-of-mind idea… I don’t have much experience, but I think many other monosynths behave as squarp has it in this regard, at least by default?

Pyramid has legato on/off in it’s quantization which (to my ears) made programming 303-style basslines slightly closer to the real thing than on Hapax without it. i’ve made a feature request previously to add that option somewhere in Step mode