Monomachine, Jo AIR Base99, ATC-1, NOVA laptop Definition files?

Elektron Monomachine
Jomox AIR Base99
Studio Electronics ATC-1
Novation laptop

… and eventually DFAM easy patch env / Cv & Gate
… to reproduce the internal sequencer… in the Pyramid …

It would be fantastic.

About the Monomachine, i have only this Jpeg :
monomachine CC

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Hi @stalker, I don’t get your post. Are you asking the community for those definition files? They are so easy to create.

True. But it is still one or 2 hours of research about various machines CC implementation, OS, writing and testing.
If the text. files already exist; it saves time.

You can use the Search function here to see if anyone has posted them. That mught be faster than waiting for a response.

Just click on the magnifying glass icon - for me (on Android) it is top right.


There is also a category on this forum do that you can scroll if you don’t like using the magnifier.


I have just posted my JoMoX AIRBase99 definition file.
Your posted reminded me to upload it to the forums!

Airbase 99 Definition File

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thank you !


Just posted Monomachine definition file: Monomachine Definition File


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