Momentary screens = improved workflow

Hello folks!

As time went by, we lost the ability to view the different Time Signatures of tracks
Also, it is rather tricky to work with different Time Signatures currently on the Pyramid

and it is also sometimes difficult to know where are our tracks (in any case when we don’t systematically use the same organization from one project to another)
since we can now name the tracks, it would be nice to have this information also in a global display :slight_smile:

I propose an additional DISP screen for TRACK mode
which would also be displayed as a momentary screen from the other modes, as soon as we hold the TRACK button (in order to have access to this visualization from the other modes, since we have to change the current track regularly from the others modes)

Of course we also keep the current Track-DISP display:

and it would be nice to be able to switch between these two screens by holding down the TRACK button and rotating the encoder (exactly the same way we can switch between the various DISP screens in STEP mode)

For the moment,
when we doing this, we have a “duplicate” of this screen when we switch to pattern mode but which does not allow to display more than 32 tracks (since there is only 32 patterns) so this “pattern-DISP-Screen” is useless actually…

The problem is that the pattern mode should really be separated from the TRACK mode
we talked about it on the old forum
for different reasons but especially because it is burried in a “TRACK-submode” but we have to change patterns by the shortcut STEP+pad#
not very logical…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

and there were proposals to put a REAL independant pattern mode on the shortcut STEP+TRACK
we would therefore change patterns by doing: (STEP+TRACK) + PAD#
and the green and yellow button light (or blink) together to indicate we are in PATTERN mode

This would also allows us to have an independant DISP-Screen for pattern mode (which deserves it :slight_smile: )
for example:


which would also appear from any mode when we hold the STEP+TRACK buttons
(because we also have to change pattern from other modes, I think about the LIVE mode especially)

and with very useful informations like the length of the pattern, the time signature etc…
since these parameters are at the pattern level after all …

The implementation of the patterns during the last update was a great advance for the Pyramid
now it would be nice to “smooth” a bit all this, so as to improve the workflow :slight_smile:

What do you think about that, guys?


I’m sorry, i don’t want to sound like an ass… but Squarp team said they already have 350 suggestions gathered, and asked people not to post more here. Obviously they won’t gather more, and they will not implement the 350 ideas that were posted on the old forum. But still, lots of the posts on this new forums are about new features or workflow modifications.

I’m not saying you idea is not interresting, of course. But even if a few people here likes it, there is no way it happen. On my side I let down about my own will about new Squarp features, and just use it as it is. It’s not perfect and improvments are always possible, but it’s still the best hardware sequencer i ever used.

there is no way it happen

Hi Yann,

In fact, there is no new feature here, no new “fonctionnality”
not even an option …

Actually, it’s just a display to retrieve what we had before (ie a global display with the different Time Signatures)
it is in fact so essential (although it does not necessarily need to be implemented the way I propose it… of course…) that having a polyrhythmic / polymetric sequencer without having the ability to view at the same time the different Time Signatures is nonsense

but I understand what you mean
and I am careful not to ask too much … :wink:

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Sorry, i didn’t realise because i never used that screen when it was existing (so maybe there is a way it happen gain). Actually i’m not using polyrythm in my music… maybe one day!

Actually i just meant that even if it’s not that much asking, i’m not sure Squarp team is even noticing requests now.

They probably aren’t, but I plan on continuing to talk anyway.

I bought one literally days before they made the announcement that they were closing requests. So I bought something that I thought might continued to be developed, but nope…

Very disappointing. And to be honest, I can’t support the “accept it as it is, don’t worry, be happy” attitude, because it encourages developers to not bother to finish things. But fuck my needs, I’m not famous and they already have my money so I might as well just go with the flow and forget about having ideas for improvement…right?

Let’s be real here. Squarp can’t “close” requests. We can still make them and they can choose to listen, act, either, both or do nothing. Nothing wrong with the community making suggestions. You never know, someone might come up with a killer idea that everyone likes. A company that ignores it’s customers is a dead company.

Ok guys, i don’t like to be misunderstood, and don’t want to take the angers instead of Squarp (if you have some to transmit to them!). So i just give a few point of views of mine, and i stop here :

  • they didn’t say they will stop developping the PyraOS. They said they are thinking about what to add/improve next. They especially said that more suggestions here would not influence their choices (but they can change their mind!).
  • Of course people can discuss what they would like to see implemented. But i was just saying that posting here about new features appeared to me a bit useless. And maybe make this new forum a bit difficult to use, because of its structure.
  • they have 350 suggestions in the bag, they obviously won’t be able to develop them all.
  • i bought it when it was v0.9, it’s now v2.3 with more feature than i was expecting. Of course it’s still missing some things i really wanted. But i wrote to them directly, and then i posted in the old forum, and now i don’t think i can do more.
  • my attitude don’t encourage them to anything, i don’t even think they are reading it. They already took a decision about their development plan. And as they are a company, i guess they also have to think about what will make them eat now.

that’s all i had in mind!

I wouldn’t say that not taking requests from a community forum is ignoring customers, for all we know they had a huge flow of requests for a Eurorack module via email and other ways and this is why the just released Hemod.

I felt spoilt by the last firmware update, it was amazing how many of the user’s requests made it, to the point that some users would have felt ignored if their request didn’t make.

Biggest problem with requests boards is when the requests are not viable, there is a backlash from cocky members who will start to tell the company they can do it and it’s just they’re not coding right. It’s a common theme from the small companies right up to the big ones. In one forum I’ve seen members trying to tell the company that if they can’t amend their code to do what they wanted, they are amateurs. One request was basically to double the device’s functions to two of everything. The company’s forum rep had to get on there and tell the member what they requested is never going to happen, only to be told that it can happen and it’s all a matter of doing this and that, like they have coding skill beyond that of the company’s code monkeys. Company rep came back with info on the memory capacity of the device and that it was full. The pushy member had to admit that what was already happening with the device was amazing on such low memory, which was nice for a change.
But that incident was not the only case of cocky members telling the company how to suck eggs because their request was denied.

Oh yeah, a company that allows it’s existing customers tell them what to do will fail.

excuse me but my goal here was not to launch a debate on the fact that Squarp does not add new features, or new MIDI FX etc …

it was just to know what you think about not having the global information of different Time Signatures and pattern lengths (in any case, for those who knew the old versions of PyraOS where we had these informations)
because we lost these informations along the way, and it seems to me essential when we are working with polymetric / polyrhythmic projects (I have of course no problem with my projects in 4/4, like you…)
(and I didn’t even mention the bar tracking because when we are not working in 4/4 there is no more bar tracking because the pages no longer correspond to the bars…
and yet a bar tracking visualization is one of the most essential things for a sequencer)

I see that some people keep telling me that they are happy with their Pyramid (me too, otherwise I would not be here)
but we are talking about really basic things for a sequencer here
it is not like claiming fancy stuffs …

Since with the implementation of the patterns they could not keep Time Signatures informations on the same screen (considering the size of the screen)
this is why I propose a secondary screen
(and since we have the names of the tracks now, we could display them too)

in short,
nothing more than visual feedbacks! which are really a way to have an effective tool and optimize the workflow
(this was my topic)


Sorry about the derailment.

I agree a secondary window would work well.

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yes please!!!

a momentary screen with the track names would be very helpful

except that I would keep the representation of the pads as they are arranged on the Pyramid panel

maybe with the names oriented vertically?

just a suggestion…
I will be okay with the screen above :slight_smile:

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