MODWHEEL weirdness (CC01)

So… I found the mod wheel to be not working on my Hermod and now finally had a look at a midi monitor.

The Midi that is sent by my keyboard (on Chanel 03) looks normal Modwheel motion is represented with numbers on CC01, on Channel 03. so far so good.
Hermods active Channel is set to Channel 3 and Modwheel CC is set to cc01.

Now when I Move the Modwheel, Hermod receives the correct CCvalues and also sends that value but it is each time instantly followed by a 0 on CC01. so it resets it instantly everytime I move the modwheel.

What could this be? Has anyone else experienced this?
pitchbend works fine…
latest firmware and all…

Thanks alread for any help on this :slight_smile:

so noone esle uses the modulation wheel? : )

So you’re talking midi out…

generally, I don’t sent midi out of the Hermod , so wouldn’t see this.

( actually not 100% accurate , I have done cv abcd it to midi … but that’s not what you are doing.)

Others may be similar so have not noticed.
Report it as a bug via the contact form.

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