Modulation recording is quantized?

So I just tried to record some CV modulation via Input A, playback on Track 2 set to Modulation output to a voice so that I can hear what’s going on. I used the Voltage Block for the CV, moving pretty fast through the notes. Playback seems accurate, but it seems there’s some quantizing going on or something, because it’s definitely not playing back exactly how I played with the slider. Anyone know how to record modulation completely unquantized like this? I’m probably missing something simple

Hmm I wonder if this is a bug actually.

I just made a brand new project, set it up with the same settings and it works perfectly.

As i see it, quantize is only temporary and can be engaged via the midi effect, when this is on it‘ll quantize. Like this you can always go back to unquantized at ay time

I understand that, but I never had quantize on in this first place, so this shouldn’t have happened…It was quantizing to the clock for no apparent reason.