Modulating Effects Internally


Is there a way to modulate FX parameters internally, without having to use up a CV input for the task?

My current use case:

I am using the Hermod to quantize incoming CV (input A) to a scale. I am then using CV input C to change the MIDI root note. What I would like to do now is take a slow, square wave LFO to alternate between 2 scale colors, say major and minor.

Is this possible? Any help is appreciated!


You can’t route parameters internally. You would have to run your LFO into a free CV In port and then assign it.


Internal routing it is very awaiting function. I hope, it will be added to new firmware together with clock divider :slight_smile:

But may be it can realised with hepl of midi cable from out to input? Or cable from host to usb? Today i test it!