Modulating Effects Internally

Is there a way to modulate FX parameters internally, without having to use up a CV input for the task?

My current use case:

I am using the Hermod to quantize incoming CV (input A) to a scale. I am then using CV input C to change the MIDI root note. What I would like to do now is take a slow, square wave LFO to alternate between 2 scale colors, say major and minor.

Is this possible? Any help is appreciated!

You can’t route parameters internally. You would have to run your LFO into a free CV In port and then assign it.

Internal routing it is very awaiting function. I hope, it will be added to new firmware together with clock divider :slight_smile:

But may be it can realised with hepl of midi cable from out to input? Or cable from host to usb? Today i test it!

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Hi did you test this? I agree i it would be supper useful, could imagine it on the Midi effect options - Midi Output = Internal or somthing. And yes this and clock divider would really open the Hermod up.

yep. I was try it today (midi out to midi in) and… IT’S ALIVE! You can do internal routing, when you loop MIDI in/out. Just set channels and midi-out FX on your tracks.

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it is also possible to interally route in the same way with the usb ports.just put a midi output on a track, select usb device, set u the cc and youre good to go! super nice trick, before this i used to input the tracs into the 4 cv in

I tried doing this but nothing happened. Could you break this down a bit more - sounds great.

Here’s what I did…

I set T1 Midi Out to USB Host > Channel 2 > Mod = CC2
I then set T2 up with an LFO and in the Mod Matrix set CC2 to affect the LFO rate.

But nothing…?

in this example you have to set midi channel out to 3 as hermod midi assign is shifted by 1, cause channel 1 is assigne to the selected track. track 1 is midi channel 2, track 2 is midi channel 3 and so on

I have my Hermod set up so Track 1 = Midi 1, 2 = 2 etc. and Active Track = 16.

So it’s set up correctly Midi channel wise, but nothing seems to happen. Do I need to route anything to anything else?

i just link usb host and device ports with a cable, follow the procedure you wrote above and it works… when you enter edit menu of the lfo i see rate value change, track 1 is set to modulation but it works also with notes…i don’t have my hermod right now, i will make a video and link here

Ah ok - that makes sense, I was kinda hoping it would route internally, but I need a cable.

Thanks for the info. Good to hear it works - though it would be awesome if @squarpadmin made this possible as an internal routing path.

I had a go with this today. You’re right - it works!! Opens up the world of modulation so much more.

Some things I noticed (I was going from Midi Out > Midi In)…

There is the slightest bit of latency which means modulation happens slightly after the beat. This is most noticeable on any quantizing / note shifting effects but also affects any other effect. You can work around it by zooming in on the track providing the modulation and either entering it in a beat early or nudging the whole modulation across a beat.

If you are using modulation it’s nice to be able to have control over it’s strength—with the usual CV based Mod Matrix you have to attenuate and offset outside of Hermod. (I really wish Squarp would add some kind of attentuation & offset per mod matrix effect assignment - like Pamela’s New Workout).

Overall it works nice though and provides another layer of functionality.


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yeah, an internal ‘midi bus’ might be a way to do this without adding too much complexity.
and i agree attenuation/offset would be really handy on the mod matrix.

the difficult bit for squarp will be doing this without making an overly complex UI, especially given the size of the display.