Minibrute2 connected to Hermod+ Each key plays 6 notes in succession

Hi, just received my Hermod+, very impressed so far, got a decent multi-instrument tune out of it quite quickly.

Just stumbled upon something, likely a Hermod+ Midi configuration issue. I have connected my Minibrute2 via a midi cable and adapter into the TRS “Midi in” on the Hermod. When I hit a key on the Minibrute I get a note, so far so good.

However, each subsequent hit of the same key results in a higher note, and this repeats for 6 notes in total then goes back to the first note again. 6 presses of the same key, six different notes.

I’m sure this is a Schoolboy error, but am at a loss how to solve it. Any help, gratefully received.


Hey, your description only mentions the connection from the brute to the hermod.
How is hermod transmitting midi to the brute?

i’d guess that your brute is not configured the right way. check for midi thru, probably better to be turned off.

Hi. The Brute is connected to the Hermod via two MIDI cables DIN to TRS, IN and OUT). Thanks for your suggestion regarding MIDI thru on the Brute, I checked, and it was off. Looking at how my Brute was configured, I realised that I hadn’t configured the Hermod correctly, and after a bit of faffing around with the settings all was well.

I am working my way through the manual, and absolutely loving the Hermod+. To paraphrase and misquote The Dude, “That Hermod really pulls the modular together”