MidiCC via USB not working

Hey There

Somehow i`m not able to use CC via the USBPort for Hardware Synths.
My MidiChain: MidiOUT Hapax via USB - InstrumentTrack in Bitwig with HAPAX USB IN and the dedicated MidiChannel - MidiOUT to the dedicated MidiOUT via Multiclock ERM.

If i use a MidiOutput (DIN) from the Hapax direct to the Synth, it`s working just fine.
Do i miss something in the settings?


i send cc and nrpn over usb to my fh-2 with no problems, but im sure it could be different in your situation.

Works perfectly here as well. Are you sure it isn’t a problem in bitwig? Can’t you connect a midi DIN output to a midi input on your computer to see if you can make it work that way?

As I understand, Bitwig should receive the cc data and then send it back through your multiclock to a synth? Maybe Bitwig doesn’t forward midi cc by default?

Are you able to play notes through usb?