MIDI troubleshooting with Faderfox EC4 and Digitone

In setting up and testing my Faderfox EC4 I’ve run into some puzzling behavior.

The videos describe this better than words can:

Through the Pyramid with CC messages ON from the settings/MIDI IN page:


Direct connect between EC4 and Digitone:


Note in particular the jump in the lower ratio from 7.00 to 1.00 before adjusting back up to 8.00 as expected.

The encoder in question on the EC4 is programmed as follows:

Disp:1000 N:001/075
Type: NRPN Lower:000
Mode: Acc0 Upper: 127

Not sure where to go from here… I’ve isolated it to only CC messages travelling first through the Pyramid.

I believe I may have solved the problem indirectly.

It appears that Pyramid doesn’t support NRPN messages? That video is ancient but the comments seem to suggest that this is the case.

What seems to be happening is that when I debug the incoming and outgoing CC messages, it seems as though ordering sometimes gets flipped on the output (because perhaps the pyramid is trying to determine if IT needs to respond) and that can sometimes jumble the order causing the DN to respond in a way unintended by the user. (me)

This may be unfortunate as I was hoping to be able to record at least SOME automations on the pyramid… but alas it seems that there’s a minor incompatibility with Elektron Gear?

How have you guys worked around this?

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