Midi Track Clarification


Am new to the forum and would like to get clarification for a couple of questions.
Am searching for an 8-track hardware sequencer and the Pyramid comes closest to my requirements.
My apologies if this has been asked before but my recent search queries didn’t provide a concrete answer.

How many multi-timbral channels can be played simultaneously? If I could use the comparison to what other vendors call tracks; (for instance, the Arturia BeatStep Pro has 3; 2 sequencers tracks and 1 drum track, and Polyend Seq has 8), whereby each track is assigned a midi channel. From what I’ve read in the manual (and from several youtube reviews) that the Pyramid supports 64 tracks. Does that mean each track can be assigned a different midi channel and all tracks can be played simultaneously?

And how are the CC messages handled (e.g. aftertouch, expression, volume)? Do they get stored onto the same step along with (or without) midi notes?


Hi Dean!

On the move, so quick answers: you are right with your guess. You can have 64 tracks playing at the same time. You can have tracks assigned to individual midi channels. Or you could have them all point to the same midi channels. Or a mix of both. Many possibilities. You have two Midi DIN ports (so 2x 16 channels) plus USB midi out. That’s a total of 48 midi channels.

Also, you can store CCs and Program Change Messages alongside with note messages. Or keep them on a separate track. Again, many possibilities. To add to this, Pyramid TRACKS can hold PATTERNS. So on one TRACK you can store a lot of different melodies/loops/parts.

The only upper limit you will hit with big projects is the midi events limit. (It used to be 7000 midi events but has improved to around 8500 with the latest update). This is a hardware RAM limitation. Don’t let that stop you, you can still do a whole lot… but it’s a limit, nonetheless.
Ok, that was not so short but I hope all clear now. Peace!


Hi maximee,

I appreciate your quick and detailed response. It sounds like the Pyramid will make a nice addition to my stack. And the timing is perfect. Been trying to find a used SE Engine, Cirklon, etc., for a while and haven’t found anything, especially for a semi-reasonable price. The Octatrack/Digitakt products look interesting but doubt the sampler would get much use. And the Deluge and Polyone Seq units had promise.

Thanks again!


Pyramid is far superior to the Octatrack as a midi sequencer,
Pyramid = Polyphonic (8T = 4 notes max - and that’s flakey)
Pyramid = 64 tracks (8T = 8)
Pyramid = patterns at any length (8T = 64 steps per pattern unless you chain patterns which is a workflow hurdle)

Not to say that the 8T isn’t magnificent, and it’s midi sequencer not very capable and a whole lot of fun… just that as a midi sequencer the Pyramid is a far better spec. and subsequently a lot more versatile.

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Hey Bambrose, sorry for the delay in thanking you for your contribution.