Midi-tone pitch is not corresponding

A c2 on Hapax is in fact a c0! What is the idea behind this and how
i change it?

Thanks for your help

There’s no standard for the octave number.
We decided on not using ‘negative’ octave numbers, and it is not currently possible to change this in the settings.

This has been brought up before, for example with Hermod.


Thanks for your fast respond!
I understand - but anyway (and this comes just as constructiv critic) it would make sense to give the option to change this behavior. Because if you look from am DAW-point of view, there is something like a standard…


fact is - it’s not a standard even across DAWs, hardware sequencers, or even MIDI gear.
For my sanity, I keep a small spreadsheet showing the MIDI note range and cv values (if applicable) for some of my hardware sequencers. Synths can usually be adjusted with octave controls to fit, but drum machines typically specify note triggering by note name rather than absolute MIDI value.

So, Roland will say - Bass Drum is C1 and depending on the sequencer triggering it, you’ll need to send it a MIDI Note value of 12, 24, or 36


I discovered this when making multisamples from various hardware and software instruments. There was a 3-octave range between what the various instruments considered “C2”. I had learned to expect a 1-octave difference but didn’t think the range would be that large.
Luckily for me, I don’t need a spreadsheet, I only use a few devices where it really matters.

I do have to keep a spreadsheet of which devices use TRS MIDI Type A vs Type B.

This has been my point of reference for a bit: https://minimidi.world/

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That’s a great link!

I checked and verified that it has all of the TRS MIDI devices I use and has the correct values for almost all of them. It shows Type A & B for the 1010music Bluebox which is half right (2/3 right?). The Bluebox output is type B but the input is Type A & B.