MIDI to DMX: What are your solutions?

Okay, so I’ve been using an Enttec DMXIS for years, at least when I was gigging with Ableton or at least some sort of computer.

Now that my rig has switched to DAWless with the Pyramid, to run DMXIS I still have to have a computer. Unfortunatetly the standalone app from DMXIS doesn’t play well with MIDI Clock if you’re not doing Audio, and slaving a DAW isn’t a solution.

My choices are a dedicated VST Host, or just find a new solution.
So, do you do MIDI to DMX? What do you use?
I know that lighting stuff is a whole different world, and my base understanding does it zero justice, but I’m fond of how it is built on scenes and cues and have built my sets around this. I’m not looking for direct 1:1 MIDI to DMX control, although I can emulate this with my event processors.

Some things I need:

  • Smooth fading
  • at least 48 channels, preferably more
  • no computer, preferably (although I’m quite fond of a computer to program things, then upload and disconnect)
  • Can handle pars & feature lighting (RGB Lasers!)

Something that can accept a MIDI Event and use that to trigger a lighting scene is good.
Something with Oscillators/programmable chases is excellent.

Been looking at:

  • Lightjams (not confident it fits the bill)
  • MIDI2DMX (not sure it has the features & support I need)
  • Decabox (this looks promising)

Note: in the old days, I had an NSI (?) dimmer that accepted MIDI input. Dayum that was janky, but it was the only option back then. So: something designed well and supported is preferred because I’ve already been the ‘just to get by’ route.

I’m interested to know if you find anything. I too am a DMXIS user. This is after trying other hardware and software that just wouldn’t do enough stuff with MIDI. DMXIS is awesome, though I have several MIDI features I would like them to add.
I also had an NSI board with dimmers and such. It was so fun to program it with MIDI with just simple lights. I really miss the simplicity of that board that resulted in really good light shows.

If DMXIS works for you, Id stick with that. I love it - the Oscillators are amazing - but the standalone app doesnt work for me and I give up. It’s great if you can run a host or daw. Thats not my rig, tho

So far Im narrowing down to Decabox. If youre looking for direct MIDI to DMX channel type of communication, it has that.