MIDI to 8 drum gates - one MIDI channel?

Hey I’ve been trying to use Hermod as a MIDI to drum gate converter with the Pyramid. Basically 1 track on Pyramid could control the 8 gates in a consistent order to use with drum sounds. I’ve tried it in 8-voice poly mode, but none of the poly options keep the MIDI notes in a consistent order like on a drum machine. Any thoughts?

Don’t think Hermod is the right tool for that job. I use Pyramid for sequencing drum tracks all the time, where each note corresponds to a single drum (C4 = kick, D4 = snare, etc).

The other half of that equation is actually much smaller and cheaper than Hermod. You just need a MIDI to CV or MIDI to Gate/Trigger module.

Erica Synths Midi2Trigger works great for cheap. As does LPZW Tram8. There are a lot of inexpensive, low HP options for this. I’ve seen one as small as 4 HP but don’t remember the name (it didn’t allow changing the mapping of MIDI note to output jack tho). Typically 8 gate outputs and a MIDI in jack.

So you want everything on one midi channel, but with each ‘drum’ on a different note number?

If so, make 8 mono voices ( poly is to cycle voices which is not what you want), set all to same midi channel … then on midi effect set min/max note for the each track to the note number you have chosen for that ‘drum’

Does that do as you want?

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Yes that worked! Thanks!

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I found a way to get it to work. I’m mostly wanted to try something out with something I already own, even though it’s overkill. I’ve thought about getting that Erica Synths module.

Just got a hermod and thought I had to use 8 channels to get it to work with my hapax drum tracks. This solved it. Thanks!!