Midi thru from 1 input to multiple outs

Hi. Would like to have midi thru from 1 input to more than 1 midi out. Is that already possible?
Use case: 1 usb midi controller connected to Hapax. That midi controller controls Hapax but also needs to control 2 other devices. 1 device connected to Hapax MIDI USB and 1 device connected to Hapax MIDI DIN.

Depending on what you are doing you could simply have a track act as a through on a per-channel basis. If you want to send the same messages to multiple outputs, you could use the output effect.

Hi. Thank you for your reply. That workaround would indeed give some extra possibilities, but I prefer not to lose a track.

Are you using both projects? You could use project B for routing.

Good suggestion but would not work for me because I use both projects and want to load other projects while a project is playing, so that would not work.

You can set the midi input channel on all the tracks you want to the same port and channel, I think that’s what you want? that would let say a launchpad or a keyboard control multiple things at once.

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Sounds like someone might be in need of a midi router…

I got one no later than when my synth count has exceeded a handful.
Tried an MRCC first, then moved on to a MioXL.

Save yourself some time.

I have midi routers at home but prefer not to carry them for jam sessions. With a little extra midi thru functionality on Hapax I would not need the router…