Midi Sync not accurate

Sorry if this is a repost but I couldn’t find an answer to this, But i experience clock jitter (+/- 0.2 BPM) to all the connected machines. (elektron boxes, maschine+ and daw)

I am sending clock from hapax to all through the different ports (midi out and usb) and it just never stays still, any fixes for this issue?

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It’s probably not Hapax, but the other gear that doesn’t follow the clock well. Most gear will jitter a little bit to external clock, no matter how stable the clock is. As long as it is not audible and the external gear doesn’t produce artifacts because of it (like pitch shifting synced delay effects etc), it is not something to worry about.

But what are the odds they all jitter by the same exact amount?

One downside is that the digitakt connects to the daw via usb so that produces audible artifacts

I use my DAW as the master clock sending to a synch box, a Midrome. The midronome uses audio to synch which eliminates jitter A slave the Hapax from the midi drone then everything from Hapax. Perfect synch. The midronome is a wonderful synch box, rock-solid tight it’s about £175. The developer supports it very well. This setup will lock your digitakt into your setup A great solution if you are prepared to throw money at it. I can now integrate my DAW into my hardware perfectly

Having said all that the Hapax can also synth to the DAW using audio, details in the manual. I’ve not tried this as I already owned a Mididrome but it may be worth a try

audio sync from any DAW on any platform works well for me. no peripheral needed.

I get this in MainStage, hapax as clock , nothing else connected.
I’ll check out syncing to audio , I’m assuming you need an audio interface with multiple outs ?

well its not strictly required. you can do it with 1 audio output

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The only issue for my use case is being completely dawless and sometimes actually using the DAW as just another instrument.

Will keep testing and report back :smiley:

i use plugins as simple midi targets with sequencer stopped. no need for it until im ready to record my brilliant noodle and then its to audio mostly! but this may change, midi is recordable too.

by sequencer i mean daw

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You will need an interface with DC coupled outputs, some brands like Motu come with that by default but Scarlett interfaces don’t, for instance. If you have something for Eurorack like an es-9 (pricey), that can work. That was a little unwieldy for me so I tried modding a Scarlett 2i2 with some resistors and that worked out fine. There were even through hole traces on the board seemingly meant for doing just this.

I did have to lower the voltage range on the CV in ports on the hapax to get it to work but otherwise works great.

I use the 2i2 a a second interface on Linux, which might be a little challenging on Windows, but probably fine on Mac.

Edit: see below that you can change gain to use non DC coupled outputs.

actually dc coupled are not required, theres several gain settings that allow you to use normal outs. i was corrected on this the last time i offered my experience. or shot down i guess.

Interesting! I never actually tried regular audio with the different gain setting. Makes a lot of sense.

I’ll add that , I’ve just started using logic with hapax , as a vst host ,instead of MainStage
logic doesn’t sync to external clock , so I have to sync hapax to it , and I’m still see jitter , but now I see it on the hapax , instead of seeing it in MainStage , when I was using that , with hapax as the clock source.
So I’m thinking it’s a usb thing , not hapax itself

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usb is not straightforward. some computers will put usb on a shared bus with anything else that is flying around in there. you may also have other things hooked up to the usb buss that can interfere. also if youre lacking ram or your buss speed is not fast or if youre doing other things that occupy the processor or your cache is small or your puter is in some sort of power saving mode and on and on. my audio card is on the usb buss and audio that comes out of it is presumably without jitter by definition, so syncing is easy and as far as my ear tells me, jitter free. but i have yet to buy some clocking systems designed to eliminate jitter. once i sync hapax to audio trigger from reaper, i can send midi clock to other stuff like my polyend tracker or my tr6s etc and its solid. as far as i can tell anyway! but im also of the opinion that dead accurate timing sounds rigid and lifeless. but it also depends on what is going on in the music. usually if something interesting is happening no listener will be concerned with a little bit of jitter.