Midi - Song position pointer and continue

Hi there,

I couldn’t find informations about song position pointer and continue midi messages for the Hapax.
Does it take in charge these midi messages ?
Here is my use case :
My Hapax is slave of my Deluge.
I work in arrangement view of the Deluge (song mode)
I created a song on Hapax with one section of one pattern of 32 bar.
If I start the deluge at bar 2.4, Hapax starts playing at bar 1.0

If Hapax does not receive spp & continue command, what are the alternatives ?
Don’t know if it is possible :
If I set Hapax as master, can I start the song at bar 2.4 ? If so, does it sends spp and continue messages ?

If SPP and continue messages are not implemented, any idea if it is planned ?

I can maybe work with loop points but seems tedious :confused:

Thanks !