MIDI sidechain?

Can hapax do this?
So, an event is automatically triggered by another event.
Example: every time a kick drum is triggered, the ADSR controlling the volume of a bass voice is modulated (attack time is increased, for instance, ducking the bassline out of the way of the kick).
There are other interesting things you could do with this of course.

SIDECHAIN ALL, C0 (0) … G10 (127)

Note Click on the HOLD encoder to toggle between HOLD & SIDECHAIN
When set to ‘ALL’, any MIDI note-on message will restart the envelope. When set to a specific note, only note-on messages of the selected note will restart the envelope.

Tip When the destination is set to VELOCITY, and the SIDECHAIN is set to a specific note, the sidechain note will not be affected by the envelope. A use case for this is ducking drums when the kick-drum hits, but leaving the kick drum at its full velocity.


Great, so it’s there. And attack can be a parameter to affect, and you can get really fiddly with mod depth and mod inversion?

Currently, the envelope effect can only send midi to the same track output. So it isn’t possible to make a kick drum from another track trigger an envelope to send to a different track output. Hopefully this will come in a future update.

However, it is possible to send to any of the midi CV outputs as well. So if your synth has CV inputs (or an expression pedal input might work too), you can make a kick drum send CV to your bass synth. This works great with my Moog Minitaur, which has multiple CV inputs.

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ah right so it’s not quite there currently… thanks for the replies