MIDI Setup / New Pyramid

Hi All,

On the verge of purchasing a Pyramid for my home studio set-up I was just looking for some clarification on how to integrate all my devices so they can be played independently from the pyramid and by themselves and how I can integrate that into my DAW.

My set-up is as follows:


Juno 106
Korg Z1
Yamaha TQ5
Oberheim Matrix 1000
Oberheim Matrix 1000 Editor Module

Drum Machine:



Kenton Midi Merge - 4
Logic Pro X

On the pyramid you have 2 midi out ports (plus CV and midi i/o over USB)

So you could chain synthesizers that have midi thru ports, and plug them all on port A
Then you plug your midi merge to pyramid port B, and plug the rest of your synth on the kenton

Then you parameter every synth that are on the same midi port (A or B), on a separate midi channel

Finally, you save the track infos and the parameter on the pyramid, that way it’s already parameter when you open the pyramid (well you also have to activate something into the option, to choose what project or template the pyramid open when you power it)

There is also other options, depending on if you want to sequence all your gear with the pyramid, or if some of them are just in sync, but I don’t want to be too confusing ;

Hope that help :slight_smile:

forgot to add, you slave the pyramid to your daw using a midi cable or a midi interface ; that way you could write midi sequence into the pyramid, or into your daw > to the pyramid ; it will also be synced to the daw :slight_smile: you can also slave the daw to the pyramid if that’s your thing ;

Thats great thanks for the info:-) how about returning midi information from all my synths how do I link them for the return IN to the squarp?

Best to use a midi merge device.

Generally not every device has to route IN to the Pyramid - only devices that send control data (keys, buttons, knobs) that need to be routed for realtime play or recording of the MIDI data.

IMO it’s a good habit to avoid connecting anything that does need to be connected to avoid MIDI loops, but I’m a moron and probably screw things up more than your average bear.

Example, perhaps: i have 5 synths. Only one is routed IN to the Pyramid, and incidentally via USB.

Unless, of course, your synths are all knobbly realtime control playgrounds and you want to record all that lusty data “live”. nom nom nom

I get your point, but I think it depends on your workflow.

If, for example, you want to live-loop all of your instruments at once – playing said instruments directly, then you’ll want to merge all that data back to the sequencer (and turn off local on each if possible, etc.)

And of course your nom nom nom example… :slight_smile: