Midi "PLAY" message followed by clock signals reset Strymon Volante and Big Sky Time settings

Hi there, I’ve had this issue since the very beginning but I’ve basically just made sure that I don’t press stop on my sequencer when I need to record something that’s playing through either the Volante or the big sky.

But now I’m having to press stop and I’m losing my time settings on both the vellante and the big sky. On the Volante it’s the time knob in the center it’s basically the delay time. And on the Big Sky it’s the pre-delay time, perhaps they have the same CC number I should check into that.

I assume a lot of people are using the devices but this is happening to me reliably. I can start a new template on the pyramid, Tweak the time settings on the delays press stop on the pyramid and then press play and then they’re reset again to 12:00 or basically the power on settings for time.

It makes recording and all kinds of other things very very difficult. Does anyone have any idea what this could be?

hrm are you only pressing stop once or multiple times? first thought was maybe a program change is being sent. second thought, something is sending a cc that the pedal is picking up.

i don’t think a single stop will send a pc btw, but multiple presses of stop will. you could put a midi monitor on your bus and look for messages on the same channel your strymon pedals are on.

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