Midi notes land early w clock via CV in

I have a strange issue where notes land early when I clock via the CV in.

Here are some details:

  • I experienced this with OS 1.11 and then also after upgrading to 1.12
  • I don’t experience this when clocking internally or via USB device
  • It happens either clocking from Pamela’s Pro workout or from bluebox (eurorack)
  • It happens at a variety of PPQN (8, 16, 24)
  • I’m listening to notes directly from bluebox
  • I’m testing by triggering a sound in the rack via programmed notes from the Hermod+ on a different channel (metronome).
  • And I’m playing the notes directly into the Hermod+ via the on Rec+step on-air page.

When attempting to hit the first downbeat, the notes appear about 1/8th note early (or on the 7/8ths beat) immediately after I trigger the note.

Again, this doesn’t happen via USB device clock or internal clock.

Thanks for the report @gano
I’m now working on improving the external MIDI sync, I will let you know directly when it’s ready to be tested!

I just came off the waiting list and bough a Cirklon, which is notorious for nearly jitter-free, low-latency clocking.

When I sync the Hermod + to Cirklon, at 24ppqn and send 4 ppqn signals to a scope, Hermod’s clock is extremely jittery, its notes falling both before and after the Cirklon’s steady pulse.

Also, Hermod + sends CV after gate, if only microseconds. Is it possible to switch this so the CV sends first? Lots of Euro modules, especially percussion modules, need a change in CV prior to recovering a gate signal.

If these changes can be addressed, Hermod+ will never leave my rack. Happy to help w/ Betas or testing. Thank you!!

Deke Shipp
Studio City, CA