Midi mapping Hapax automation to Ableton

Hi all!

So I am trying to midi map an automation on Hapax to a parameter in Ableton. I set a midi cc number for the automation on the Hapax and then turn on midi mapping on Ableton. At this point, the midi mapping goes crazy and shuffles through all the midi messages being sent from the Hapax (when the transport is playing).

If I stop the transport, then no midi message is being sent.

Is there a way of sending just one midi cc message from Hapax to Ableton? I am just lost :frowning:

You can use the ASSIGN window to send CCs manually, even when stopped.

Thank you so much! This would work. :pray:

Though it is kinda a long process. I would use the assign window to assign a cc message to one of the knobs, then use that knob to assign the cc to a parameter on ableton and then set the same cc on an automation.

My natural reaction to do this was to just set the cc of the automation and then just press on a pad to send the midi cc message while the device is stopped. Maybe we can have this on a firmware update.