Midi loopback = Exciting times

Ever wanted to ‘flatten’ the output of a track including all of its effects?
Or wanted one track to reference another and then add additional effects?
Perhaps you’ve wanted to bounce several tracks into a single track?

Then step right this way :arrow_heading_down:

All the above is possible with Midi loopback where you will send Hermod+'s output as Midi back into itself. It’s very easy to do.

  1. Go into Settings and make sure any settings that might cause a Midi feedback loop are switched off. What’s working for me is turning off ‘Midi In : Active Track Port’ and ‘Midi Thru : Midi > Midi’.

  2. Next grab a TRS cable and feed the Midi Out into the Midi In.

  3. Decide on a ‘broadcasting’ Track(s) and in Track Settings set the Midi Out to be say Midi CH01.

  4. Decide on a ‘receiving’ Track(s) and set the Midi Input to match that in step 3 (also found in Track Settings).

And that’s it. If you add some notes onto the ‘broadcasting’ track you should see the same notes come out of the ‘receiving’ track. There is roughly a 2ms delay as the signal goes out, back in and then out again. I think that is very reasonable.

You can have multiple broadcasting tracks going out on the same channel (great for mixing down multiple tracks into one). Or you can also have multiple receiving tracks. This is particularly exciting to me as it means you can have a track lead with a progression and have other tracks add harmonically related notes through the use of effects like Arpeggiator etc.

Go forth into this brave new world.

It’s worth adding, this is not without its quirks.

For example if I have a single note broadcasting channel and a receiving channel set to play an arpeggiator from that note, navigating back to the broadcasting via the Track buttons seems to mute the arpeggiator for a moment. Not sure why. I don’t have Hermod+ hooked up to any midi gear but I’m assuming the Midi itself isn’t being paused so it must be caused by something else.

But - it does work and can be useful especially if you ‘print’ any Tracks by recording the Midi data and then removing the loopback.

Perhaps in the future Squarp will allow the ability to set a Track’s input to another Track’s output and have the whole thing happen internally. But until then…

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huh… this might solve my “midi-output-as-a-matrix-effect-beeing-gone-since-hermod+” – problem" Do you happen to know, if there’s an elegant and fast way to change wich channel the receiving channel will listen to? maybe even midi mappable? (fast and elegant as in: live performance worthy, non-menu-divey) : )

You can set any active track to a specific input (midi / cv etc.) That would be your fastest way. But to change the actual listening channel is a menu dive ( Track Settings / Input / MIDI channel).

It would be cool if Hermod+ had a full midi CC spec. Or could handle SysEx but I doubt those are top of the feature list.

I wonder if you might be better served with routing before your midi gets to Hermod+?


Yeah, I’m patiently waiting for a midi implementation chart for Hermod+ too :rofl:
Good call to solve that before going back into Hermod+… I think i’ll try to build some kind of midi router pipeline with blokas midihub; That one sits in my live Case anyway : )

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I came to this forum to find out more about exactly that: an H+ midi spec, so I can map controllers to various params and use it more dynamically in a live setting. Will keep pushing!

I managed to programm something on midihub to chose wich track the loopback channel is listening to.
It’s now controlled by some pads on my midikeyboard – a lot more elegant than on the old hermod :slight_smile:

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Nice. That sounds very cool!

Lurker since I bought my Hermod+ a while ago, but chiming in here: a MIDI implementation chart would be amazing. For me this would be the ultimate live performance controller if I could use CC messages to set the pattern length of the CV and MIDI tracks and activate the generator. Infinite techno fun.

Another option to implement this would be to be able to map any MIDI CC or note to a control, the way Bluebox Eurorack edition handles this for example. Time to message both these to Squarp.

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