MIDI In problem with Moog Grandmother

I want to use the Moog Grandmother to play liveloops in the pyramid.
I tested it with the Arturia Keystep and it worked fine with every MIDIchannel … there is allways a input signal on the Pyramid.
But with the same settings on the Pyramid there is no MIDI signal with the Grandmother as the MIDI Keyboard. First I thought the Grandmother doesn’t give out some MIDI. But I pluged the MIDI Out to a o-coast synth and there was MIDI. I could play the notes the same way as with the Keystep.

Does someone have a idea why the MIDI out signal of the Grandmother isn’t accepted on the Pyramid but on other synth devices?
Or better … what I have to do that the Grandmother could be the MIDI keyboard input of the Pyramid?

i have the same problem!!! its so sad! i love my pyramid but i cant use it with my grandmother like this :frowning:

This sounds quite similar to the problems some people are seeing with M-Audio controllers (eg Pyramid incompatible with M-Audio?).

My guess would be some low-level MIDI spec issue (borderline current on the wire or such) for both, either Pyramid being just a little too strict and/or these problematic devices sending just outside the spec. In other words, a case of real world meets specifications, one way or the other. But that’s just a guess, us folks here on the forum can’t help with hardware incompatibilities, contact Squarp directly: https://squarp.net/contact

Hello pmatilai. Thank you for the tip. I wrote a mail to the mailadress https://squarp.net/contact. I hope they will have a look on that problem and implement a fix in the next os update.
It is anoying because Pyramid is the only device I know ( and I use a lot different devices) that isn’t able to communicate with the Moog Grandmother. Maybe there ar other incompatible Moog devices or more other devices anyway.

Hello elemenofi.
Thanky you for your replay. It looks like a bug in the PyraOs(3.1). Now I wrote a mail directly to squarp about this issue. I hope they will answer me and solve the problem in the next Os update.
If you like to write yourself to squarp use the adress that wrote pmatilai.

Hej cri cri,

Im quite sure I dont have PyraOS 3.1 but im going to check once I am at home. I can also confirm that all my other MIDI devices work just fine with Pyramid.

In the case of the Grandmother, my Pyramid does not receive MIDI input but it does send MIDI output to the Grandmother just fine. What I did as a workaround is send USB MIDI to Ableton and route it to Pyramid, its more convoluted and sucks, but that way I can keep my Pyramid centric workflow even when using the Grandma (which I love just as much as Pyramid)

I really hope this could be solved with a firmware update but I dont believe Squarp would care much about the few Pyramid/Grandmother users that do exist :frowning:

what i do find encouraging is that the m-audio users might be affected too, as they might represent a bigger chunk of pyramid users!

I dont believe Squarp would care much about the few Pyramid/Grandmother users that do exist

Folks, don’t make such assumptions. Squarp clearly care a lot about their users, even those with more exotic hardware.

Once reported, they fixed my sync incompatibility issue with a 15+ year old Fostex multitrack recorder within weeks during v3.0 beta.

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Im sorry if I came off as dismissive of Squarp’s intentions to help users out! It was not my intention and im a happy customer. I just have been working with software/hardware for years and im sure they have a big bug fix prio list where I expect the grandmother to be quite low in terms of #of affected users :slight_smile:

I confirm that putting the grandma midi out into a midi solutions quadra thru before the pyramid solved the issue!!!

Thanks so much guyssss :slight_smile: <3