Midi In Out Problems with Model Samples


i want to use the model samples in my setup.
pyramid is the sequenzer for all my gear ( digitone, hydrasynth, kyra, deluge and model samples)
i use it with 2x4 midi thru and 1x8 midi merger.

my plan was to sequence all the gear with pyramid but also to use the hardware buttons on each synth to record live to the pyramid. except kyra all the synth send and recieve midi data from my pyramid.

my biggest problem is now to play the buttons on the model samples and record it realtime to configured channels on the pyramid.

bd channel 11
hihat channel 12
snare channel 13 and so on

the first problem if i press a C4 on model samples, in pyramid midi monitor shows C4 on channell X
thats fine, but if set a step on channel X with C4 the model sample plays 2 octaves higher. i do not understand what happend there, and its difficult to explain what happend :confused:

next thing, if i play button bd(ch11) and hihat(ch12) on the model samples to record it into the pyramid (omni mode off) channel 13 and channel 14 record the notes… realy confusing.

for example, the digitone works like a charm, if i play T1 , pyramid records note to Channel X and so one… same for cut off etc. just the model samples drive me nuts.

hopefully u get an idea what my problem is.

best regards

Hey @kreativsein,

Model:Samples seems to use the higher octaves for the “chromatic mode”. Here from their manual, page 19:

Of the 128 notes in the standard MIDI range, Note numbers 0–5 correspond to notes C0 through to F0, the leftmost octave (which is sometimes called C-2–F-2 in some applications). These notes trigger the sample of track 1 through track 6, respectively (provided they are set to their default channels 1-6). These note values map to each of the six tracks, regardless of which track is active.

MIDI note numbers 12–60 (corresponding to notes C1–C5, the second through to fifth octaves in the MIDI range) trigger the sample of the active track in any of its 49 chromatic variations (as if played by the [TRIG] keys in CHROMATIC mode, see section below), from lowest to highest pitch.

So I guess you should remap each track MIDI output to C0…F0, instead of C4…F4. According their manual (p23), it should be in the track setup [FUNC]+[TRACK].

Let me know if that works.

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thanks ive setup the button for example to C2 on the model samples, if i hit the buttons the bd play low on samples but after record the pyramid sends the right notes. for live recording is this a bit tricky because i hear the wrong notes if i record them live to the pyramid and then the pyramid play the right octaves :confused:

ok i think i figured out.
i have to midi echo off than programm the output of every note like u mentioned before. done :slight_smile:
i realy dont know why echo off did the trick but … it works :wink:

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