MIDI-In Octave Offset

For me, the Hapax has an offset of +2 octaves on any midi-in. Is it possible to adjust this somewhere, a kind of octave offset?

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you mean notes coming in are displaying 2 octave higher than you expect?

unfortunately, if so this is due to a lack of clarity in the midi spec…
basically midi note 60 = middle C… but different manufactures decide if this is C3/C4/C5, this is why we see inconsistencies.
its not really 2 octaves up/down… its just display
(as the hapax is just storing midi note numbers… not frequencies, note ‘names’ )

I guess this could be added as some kind of display preference, please send feature request via contact form.

if you actually want to transpose… then you could use scale fx, transpose track - so already options.

I guess you could request (again via contact form!) transposition options for track and/or pScale.

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Thanks @thetechnobear for clearifying this, I thought I might have overlooked some option!

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